9 Benefits of Receiving Treatment in Top Ichilov

  • Our physicians. Top Ichilov is located within the territory of a state hospital and thus is able to employ the best specialists of “Ichilov”. While in state hospitals patients are treated by duty doctors, in Top Ichilov all services are provided exclusively by professors and heads of departments.
  • Top Ichilov is unique in how it’s situated within the territory of Israel’s largest state hospital “Ichilov”. Due to its unique location Top Ichilov is able to utilize the whole state hospital infrastructure: state-of-the-art equipment, Israel’s best laboratories and surgical facilities.
9 Benefits of Receiving Treatment in Top Ichilov

At the same time Top Ichilov has all the advantages of private medicine. The clinic offers high-class medical services while eliminating the need to queue up like in state hospitals.

  • Advance payment is not required. Patients pay for procedures step by step. A patient can pay for some of the procedures and only then, having made certain that all services are high-quality, pay for the rest of their treatment in Israel.
  • One can start treatment in Israel and continue it at home. It’s not necessary to complete the entire program of diagnostics and treatment in Top Ichilov; a patient can decide what procedures they need. Some prefer to receive their medical checkup in Israel and undergo treatment where they live. Top Ichilov functions without intermediaries. Top Ichilov is a licensed clinic. The international department staff resolves all organizational issues while all the procedures take place in the clinic itself or on the territory of “Ichilov” Medical Center.
Hotel Vital on the territory of the Ichilov Medical Center
Hotel Vital on the territory of the Ichilov Medical Center
  • Treatment is overseen by a physician. Top Ichilov Clinic guarantees that every patient is assigned a Russian-speaking doctor from the international department. The doctor works as a “personal physician”: refers the patient to specialist doctors, gathers their reports, analyzes information and provides general treatment recommendations.
  • From the plane’s air stair right through the entire treatment process and till the plane’s air stair on your way back home you will be accompanied by your personal medical coordinator-interpreter with a medical degree.
  • There’s also a hotel on the clinic’s premises. The “Vital” Hotel (4****) is located in the same building as Top Ichilov Clinic. Therefore, you don’t have to waste your time journeying from the hotel to the clinic. Moreover, in between procedures you can rest with comfort in your hotel room.
  • Control from Israel’s Ministry of Health. Top Ichilov Clinic has a state license and is proud of it. The clinic functions both under the control of Israel’s Ministry of Health and in accordance with the National Healthcare Law, in effect since May 1, 1995.
  • Every patient in Top Ichilov has insurance for the entire treatment duration in Madanes Medical Insurance Company.
Dr. German Shaevich Gandelman in Top Ichilov
In the photo: Dr. German Shaevich Gandelman in Top Ichilov
Dan Grisaro at a reception at the Top Ichilov
In the photo: Professor Dan Grisaro at a reception at the Top Ichilov
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