Professor Joseph Klausner

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Abdominal surgeon with over 40 years of work experience. Heads the Department of Surgery in the Ichilov Medical Center.


  • Performs all types of surgery for digestive tract cancers, including cytoreductive surgery with intraperitoneal chemotherapy.
  • Proficient in the Whipple procedure and other complex interventions on the pancreas.
  • Performs minimally invasive surgery for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERB).
  • Carries out bariatric surgery to normalize body weight.

Diseases Treated by the Physician:




Head of the Department of Oncological Surgery at Ihilov Medical Centre

Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

Head of the Expanded Surgery Department at Ihilov Medical Centre

Private practice at Top Ichilov Hospital

Director of the Department of General Surgery at Ihilov Medical Centre

Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

Senior doctor in the Department of Surgery at Ihilov Medical Centre

Lecturer at the School of Anatomy at the Sackler School of Medicine. Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

Research Fellow, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston

Head of Surgery at Hadassah Medical Centre

Senior doctor of the Department of Surgery at Hadassah Medical Centre

Postgraduate studies at Harvard University

Surgical Specialty, Hadassah Medical Centre

Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University.


Israeli Medical Association

Israeli Surgical Association


Harvard Medical Association

World Association of Emergency Medical Services and Disaster Medicine

International association for emergency medical care and disaster medicine

Israeli Society of Oncology

Israeli Society for Surgical Oncology

Israel Emergency Medical Association

Israeli Association for Emergency Medicine

American Surgical Board

American College of Surgeons

International Cancer Imaging Societ

International society of local cancer therapy

European Society of Oncology Surgery logo

European Society of Surgical Oncology

Oncology Society of the USA logo

US Society of Surgical Oncology

Professor Klausner is a winner of prestigious Israeli and international awards, author of over 250 scientific publications.

I love operating. Mostly, I specialize in the treatment of advanced cancers of the digestive tract and endocrine system. I am entirely devoted to the principles of minimally invasive surgery.

We try to upgrade not only the process of surgery itself, but also the range of the provided medical services. We carry out a growing number of robotic procedures and regularly sophisticate robot-assisted surgery.

In the past, all of it seemed unattainable. Now, we operate even on those patients who would be denied surgery. Even if cancer is not cured in the end, the patient’s quality of life is increased significantly.

We do our utmost to carry out organ-preserving surgery. This also helps maintain the high quality of life for our patients.

Experts from the Ichilov Medical Center develop world-class therapeutic agents and surgical techniques. I take pride in being able to offer such high-level treatment to our patients.”

Was included into the list of the country’s best physicians in 2021.

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