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Questions and Answers

Answers to questions covering the organization of your stay in Israel will help you to prepare yourself and undergo evaluation and treatment in the Israeli clinic.

Does treatment in Top Ichilov require paying in advance?

No, signing up for treatment in Top Ichilov does not require advance payments. Everything is paid for upon completion of services, onsite.

If you are asked to pay in advance or to transfer money to some account, someone is trying to deceive you!

Do I need a visa to travel to Israel?

Residents of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia do not need a visa. Residents of those countries that do not have visa-free arrangements with Israel (Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Republics of the Caucasus, etc.) have to wait for about two weeks to receive a visa.

Will I know the name of my future doctor in advance?

The Top Ichilov patients choose their attending physician in advance. They are almost always treated by professors and heads of departments.

What is the difference between treatment in a state hospital and in a private medical center?

Dr. Handelman Treatment in Israel
Dr. Handelman at a reception at the Top Ichilov

The cost of treatment in a state hospital may be 5-10% lower than in a private medical center even if all the procedures are the same.

One of the major drawbacks of a state hospital is inability to choose the attending physician. Moreover, medical tourists in Israeli state hospitals are often treated by newer specialists (interns).

Another drawback is a lot of paperwork and long queues. The evaluation that takes 2-3 days in a private medical center can last for 10 days in a state hospital.

Considering that you have to pay for accommodation, catering, etc. in the foreign country, “cheap treatment” can turn into major expenses.

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Is it safe to receive treatment in Israel?

Many believe Israel is a dangerous place since it’s located in Middle East and not in Central Europe. Military action is seen more often here and is mostly connected to defending the borders.

Bombardments and terrorist acts that you know about from the mass media are often hyperbolized and take place in regions far away from the center of the country.

Tel Aviv is a safe and flourishing city. The overall crime rate in Israel is much lower than in European countries.

If someone still deceived you, you can contact (in Russian) the police by dialing 100.

How to avoid fraud in Israel?

Unfortunately, unscrupulous intermediaries and simply frauds have a lot sites in the Internet. They claim to be representatives of Top Ichilov and other leading Israeli clinics. To avoid fraud, follow these recommendations:

  • Check if the site has feedback from real patients. Video feedback is preferable; it’s next to impossible to falsify it.
  • Check if the site has the clinic’s address. With the help of Google Maps you’ll be able to easily determine whether the address is real and what is located there.
  • When a clinic’s representative calls ask who you are speaking with (whether it’s a professional physician or just a call center employee). In Top Ichilov, all negotiations on treatment are held by the duty doctor.
  • Having arrived in Israel, visit the clinic. Note what it looks like, if it has physicians’ offices and if there’s a sign saying you have entered a medical institution.
  • Agree to pay for treatment only in the clinic. All offers to pass the money for treatment in Israel in the hotel, a cafe or other places outside the clinic should put you on guard.

Treatment in Israel

What if I have language issues during my treatment in Israel?

At the airport and during all the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures you’ll be accompanied by a medical coordinator-interpreter. This will help you to avoid fraud due to not speaking the language.

How to choose a hotel if I travel to Israel for treatment?

The Top Ichilov Medical Center is located in the very center of Tel Aviv. The Vital Hotel functions at the medical center.

On patient’s request, Top Ichilov’s international department employees can book an apartment in any Tel Aviv hotel at a significant discount.

How much cash can I take to Israel without customs declaration?

When travelling to Israel a person can bring no more than 100 000 shekels (~$27,500) in cash.

Can I combine treatment in Israel with sightseeing?

Patients being treated in Top Ichilov receive a program of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. They can plan sightseeing on their free days in advance. The International Department specialists assist patients in selecting suitable sightseeing tours. The average cost of a group tour across the country, with a guide and in a comfortable bus amounts to approximately $65 per person.

Is Ichilov Hospital the same as Sourasky Medical Center?

The official name of the hospital is “Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center”. Its former name “Ichilov Hospital” is still used widely among both Israeli and medical tourists.

Apart from these two names one can find a lot of “twisted” versions in the Russian Internet. The clinic is sometimes called Echilov, Ochilov, Achilov, Achilovo, Yechilov, Ychilov, Ichelov, Ichelova, etc.

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