Foot surgery is considered one of the most complex medical disciplines. Foot surgery is performed for congenital and acquired conditions including injuries.

Israeli orthopedic surgeons carry out surgical interventions only in cases where conservative treatment is ineffective. Along with conventional open surgery, the Top Ichilov Clinic offers arthroscopic and microsurgical procedures on the tissues of the foot.

What Diseases Require Foot Surgery in Israel?

Generally, surgical foot correction in Israel is recommended for the following diseases and conditions:

The Evaluation Before Surgery

Depending on the nature of the condition, surgical planning may involve:

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Before surgery, the patient undergoes standard testing needed to assess their overall health:

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Physicians Specializing in Foot Surgery in Top Ichilov

What Types of Foot Surgery Are Available in Top Ichilov?

The orthopedic surgeons of the Top Ichilov Clinic perform several hundreds of different types of foot surgery. The most common types are:

During the procedure, the doctor straightens out the big toe and the metatarsal bones. The doctor opens up the joint capsule and fixes the bone junctions at the right angle. Afterwards, the incision is closed with sutures and fixed with plaster or dressings. The recovery after surgery takes about 6 weeks.

This procedure aims to evenly distribute the load onto the joints and soft tissues. The surgical intervention may be performed both on the bones and the soft tissues (ligaments and tendons) depending on the nature of the condition. If the flat feet developed because of arthritis, the surgeons carry out a joint fusion, or arthrodesis.

Orthopedic Surgery in Israel

The surgery aims to normalize the blood flow in the affected extremity. For this purpose, the surgeon may perform angioplasty or bypass surgery (creation of a different route for the blood flow).

Ankle replacement surgery is one of the most complex procedures in orthopedics. The Sheba Medical Center offers implantation of latest-generation endoprostheses requiring minimal bone resection.

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How Can I Have Foot Surgery in Top Ichilov?

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