Breast cancer ranks among the most common malignant diseases: it is diagnosed in 1 out of 10 women. In 80% of cases, breast cancer treatment in Israel does not only save a woman’s life but also preserves her breast. Breast cancer survival rates in Israel have increased by 30%.

Nowadays, the average 5-year breast cancer survival rate amounts to 85% in the developed European countries and to 89.7% in Israel.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis In Israel

Cancer detection is the most important part of effective treatment. The Top Ichilov specialists provide highly accurate diagnosis by determining:

  • Tumor type;
  • Location of the growth;
  • Presence and location of metastases, etc.

Diagnosis in Top Ichilov takes 3 days. Only an accurate cancer diagnosis can help the oncologist choose the appropriate treatment strategy for your tumor.

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Diagnosis Day 1

Consultation with a diagnostician:

  • Health history.
  • Physical exam and vital parameter measurement.
  • Compilation of the health history in Hebrew.
  • Revision of slides and blocks (biopsy samples) in our laboratory. We also recommend to bring CT, MRI and other study discs with you to avoid repeated procedures.
  • Referrals for imaging studies and laboratory tests.
  • Urine and blood tests (including the tumor marker panel as well as hemoglobin, leukocytes, ESR, electrolytes, enzymes and other important measurements that help detect a malignant tumor and determine the stage of cancer).

Diagnosis Day 2

During the day, you will undergo the necessary studies:

  • Ultrasound or mammography to determine the exact location and size of the tumor;
  • PET/CT to detect potential cancer metastases both in nearby and distant organs. This method helps detect cancerous lesions no larger than 5mm in diameter.

Diagnosis Day 3

During your consultation with a leading oncologist you will receive:

  • The final diagnosis based on the evaluation results;
  • A personalized treatment program developed in accordance with the tumor type and your individual situation.

Therefore, you will receive the most necessary things: a 100% accurate diagnosis and a treatment protocol. Afterwards, you will be able to continue treatment either in Israel or in your home country (in order to save money).

The cost of the diagnostic program for breast cancer: USD 3,580.

The Leading Specialists In Breast Cancer Treatment

Doctor Irina Stefanski – experienced oncologist, director of the cancer inpatient facility. Uses personalized advanced breast cancer treatment protocols, selects chemotherapy agents and targeted therapy drugs as well as add-back medications to fight side effects.

Профессор Моше Инбар

Professor Moshe Inbar – top Israeli physician who specializes in treatment for various cancers including malignant tumors of the breast. Uses advanced, state-of-the-art drugs that help fight the disease even in advanced stages.

Профессор Шломо Шнейбаум

Professor Schlomo Schneebaum, Director of the Breast Treatment Center. Performs all types of surgery to remove malignant breast tumors. This includes organ-preserving surgery.

Беньямин Майлик

Doctor Benjamin Meilik, leading plastic surgeon. Performs all types of reconstructive surgery required to restore the breast after a mastectomy.

Treatment Methods

For stage 1 breast cancer, Top Ichilov specialists mainly perform lumpectomy, an organ-preserving surgical procedure. Studies show that recurrence-free survival after lumpectomy is comparable to that after radical mastectomy. In Israel, the 5-year survival rates for stage 1 breast cancer reach 100%.

For stage 2 breast cancer, patients are also offered organ-preserving surgery. To preserve axillary lymph nodes and prevent lymphedema, doctors carry out a sentinel lymph node biopsy. Israeli physicians are able to cure 93% of women with stage 2 breast cancer.

For stage 3 breast cancer, doctors in Israel also provide breast-conserving surgery. In some cases, Israeli physicians may offer a mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction. In Israel, the 5-year survival rates of stage 3 breast cancer patients amount to 72%.

Common treatments for stage 4 breast cancer in Israel include:

  • Polychemotherapy according to personalized protocols;
  • Hormone therapy;
  • Targeted therapy.

Israeli oncologists have extensive experience in fighting breast cancer with trastuzumab (Herceptin), a targeted therapy drug. This drug blocks the tumor growth and reduces the risk of recurrence by 50%.

Lymph Node-Preserving Surgery

For many years, surgical oncologists in Israel have been using the technique of sentinel lymph node biopsy recommended by the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC). The procedure implies detection and removal of a sentinel lymph node, the first lymph node on the way of spreading cancer cells. If this node is “clean”, other lymph nodes are preserved.

Treatment without Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy in Israel

Israeli scientists developed the Oncotype DX test to single out patients that do not need chemotherapy. These patients are treated with more sparing methods including biologic therapy.

Personalized Treatment Protocols

The protocol of breast cancer treatment in Israel will be developed according to the characteristics of your tumor. Depending on the tumor type, specialists may offer:

  • Chemotherapy using paclitaxel, doxorubicin, etc.;
  • Hormone therapy (tamoxifen, aromatase inhibitors);
  • Biologic therapy (Herceptin, etc.).

Personalized protocols increase the effectiveness of treatment and, in many cases, help prevent unnecessary side effects.

How To Receive Breast Cancer Treatment In Top Ichilov

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  2. Or fill in the form below. Our doctor will contact you within 2 hours.

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