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Patient Treatment at Israel's Largest Clinic
Ichilov (Tel Aviv)

The central clinic of national significance. Employs 1,300 physicians including 103 world-renowned professors. Leading Israeli doctors work here with the most cutting-edge equipment available in Israel.

48 new treatment options developed at Ichilov, were implemented into the worldwide medical practice. Complex patients from all clinics of Israel are usually transferred to Ichilov for treatment. All medical equipment is renewed every 5 years.

250thousand patients per year
48thousand successful surgical procedures
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Professor Avinoam HirschmannProfessor Avinoam Hirschmann, Head of Cardiology Department

The best Israeli doctors carry out your diagnosis and treatment

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What Makes the Top Ichilov Clinic Unique?

Top Ichilov is located in the territory of Israel's largest state hospital, Ichilov.
The clinic is closely monitored by the Israeli Ministry of Health.
After you get off the plane, you will be accompanied by an English-speaking interpreter.
Top Ichilov works without intermediaries; payment is received by the clinic's billing office.
Treatment is only provided by Ichilov professors and heads of departments.
Advance payment is not required. Service is paid for in stages.
The Vital Hotel, 4 ✩✩✩✩, is located in the territory of the clinic.
Every patient's care is supervised by their personal English-speaking physician.

Articles about the medical center

The Israeli Clinic Comparison Chart

Ichilov Assuta Sheba Herzliya
Number of physicians 1,300 72 1,180 34
Number of professors 103 11 96 8
Number of beds 1,100 200 1,030 48
Number of patients (per year) 1,950,000 63,000 212,000 82,000
Number of operating rooms 27 16 23 7
Radiosurgery equipment 8 1 8
Development of new treatment methods
Treatment at state prices established by the Israeli Ministry of Health
Average price for cancer diagnosis ($) 2,900 3,800 2,900 3,900
Average price for tumor removal ($) 4,500 7,900 4,500 8,000

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Questions and answers

How is Ichilov different from other Israeli clinics?

This is Israel's largest clinic of national significance that receives the most complex patients transferred from all clinics of the country.

Does the clinic help cross the Israeli border?

The clinic's employees will prepare all the documents required for prompt border control and will meet you at the airport.

Where can I find the Ichilov Clinic?

The clinic is located in the center of Tel Aviv. All the necessary infrastructure including cafes, restaurants, and shopping malls, is available. After a 30-minute walk, you will find yourself on the Mediterranean coast.

How to avoid fraud when being treated in Israel?

  1. Pay attention when exploring the website: it should contain authentic photos of the clinic, video feedback from real patients, the clinic's certificate/license.
  2. Payment should only be made to the clinic's billing office, as you progress through treatment, just before the procedure.
  3. In advance, prior to your arrival in Israel, you should receive a list of all the necessary procedures stating all prices, treatment techniques, and family names of the doctors responsible for these procedures.

How can I save money?

  1. Undergo some studies in your home country. If you have disks with CT and MRI results, slides or blocks with biopsy samples, be sure to bring them to Israel. Provided that these materials are of adequate quality, our specialists will only examine (revise) them, and you will not have to undergo the same studies again.
  2. Continue treatment at home. You can receive a diagnosis and a treatment protocol with prescriptions at our clinic and then get treated according to this protocol in your home country.
  3. Get your tax refund (TAX FREE). The clinic is licensed, and its patients have the right to receive a refund of the purchase tax (15%).

How can I undergo treatment without the knowledge of Hebrew?

The clinic will provide you with your personal medical coordinator-interpreter. They will accompany you for all consultations and procedures.

How is remote treatment (telemedicine) arranged?

Having received all your medical documents, an Israeli professor will provide you with a video consultation. The doctor will give recommendations, compile a medical assessment, and prescribe medications which you will be able to either purchase at home or order from Top Ichilov. If desired, you will also be able to undergo treatment supervised by an Israeli physician, in our partner clinics situated in your country.

How to avoid intermediaries when arranging treatment in Israel?

  1. It is necessary to contact the clinic itself and avoid communication with various "treatment organizers" which may offer several clinics to choose from.
  2. Make sure that the clinic has a certificate/license.
  3. Payment for treatment should only be made to the clinic's billing office, right before the procedures.
  4. Avoid contacting intermediary websites that represent several different clinics at the same time and promise to send your application straight to the clinic of your choice.
  5. Avoid free expert opinions of Israeli physicians, free audit, etc.

How can I make sure that the clinic website is official?

  1. According to the Israeli law, official clinic websites must provide information in 4 languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English, and Russian.
  2. An official clinic website must contain the clinic's authentic photos, its certificate/license, and video feedback from real patients.
  3. On the website of the clinic, one should be able to find not only the e-mail, but also the correspondence address of the healthcare facility. Look through the photos in Google Maps and check whether the clinic is indeed located at this address.
  4. All Israeli clinics actively participate in scientific research. This must be reflected on their official websites
  5. According to the law, all medical articles on the website must contain information about the author

How can I get in direct contact with the clinic executives?

Direct phone number of the clinic's Chief Executive Officer: +972-37391227; e-mail:
Written by: Mikhail Zeigarnik
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