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Treatment of patients in the largest clinic in Israel
Ichilov Hospital (Tel Aviv)

Clinic Ichilov (Sourasky) globally recognized as a front-runner in the field of medical tourism.

250тыс.Пациентов в год
48тыс.Успешных операций
Ихилов клиника в Израиле официальный сайт
Профессор Авиноам ГиршманЗаведующий отделением Кардиологии

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Questions and Answers

What makes Ichilov different from other Israeli hospitals

  • 1. Israel's largest hospital. Top Ichilov Clinic has the most sophisticated equipment in Israel and employs the best Israeli physicians.
  • 2. In the center of Tel Aviv. The location has the entire infrastructure: hotels, cafes and restaurants, malls, embankment, and so on.
  • 3. The central hospital of national importance. Top Ichilov Clinic deals with the most complicated cases and receives referrals from all the hospitals in Israel.
  • 4. The most prestigious Israeli hospital. Thanks to unique treatment methods the hospital remains an attractive workplace not only for Israeli physicians but also for specialists from all over the world.

Does the hospital assist in crossing the Israeli border?

The clinic's employees will prepare all the documents necessary for quick border control and will meet you at the airport.

Where is Ichilov Hospital situated?

The hospital is situated in the center of Tel Aviv, within 10-15 minutes walking distance from the main city square and within 30 minutes walking distance from the Mediterranean sea front. Within walking distance one also can find numerous cafes and restaurants, malls, hotels and apartments. The taxi ride from the Ben Gurion international airport to the hospital takes 15 minutes.

How to avoid fraud while being treated in Israel?

Untrustworthy agents frequently offer Ichilov Hospital services to foreign patients. Having paid money, people find themselves under interns' care or even without medical help altogether. To avoid fraud, pay attention to the site: it should feature photos of the clinic, video feedback from patients, postal address (in addition to e-mail). Services should be paid for upon their completion. If these conditions aren't met, there is a possibility you're dealing with frauds.

How can I save money?

  • 1. Get some tests where you live. If you have CT or MRI disks and biopsy slides or blocks, don't forget to bring them to Israel. Given proper quality of these materials, our specialists will only check (revise) them, and you won't have to repeat the procedures.
  • 2. Continue treatment at home. You can order evaluation in our clinic and then receive the treatment protocol and prescriptions. You will be able to follow this protocol in your home country.
  • 3. Get tax deduction (TAX FREE). The clinic is licensed, and the patients can have a 15% medical treatment tax deduction.
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