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Cancer Treatment in Israel

Лечение в Израиле после терактов на границе с Газой, 7 октября 2023 г.:
  2. Все боевые действия проходили на юге Израиля, в секторе Газа. Далеко от Тель-Авива и центра страны.
  3. Большинство авиакомпаний продолжают авиасообщение с Израилем. Из РФ прямые регулярные рейсы осуществляют авиакомпании: Ред-Вингс, Азимут, Эль-Аль.
  4. В Тель-Авиве боевые действия не ощущаются. Жители живут обычной мирной жизнью. Работают все учреждения, пляжи, магазины и рестораны.
  5. Клиника работает в привычном режиме и продолжает принимать иностранных граждан.
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Full recovery rates in Israel are among the highest in the world.

  • Israel is a leader in colon cancer survival rates.
  • 90% – breast cancer survival rates in Israel in comparison with 85% in European countries.
  • Nearly 100% – complete cure rates in children with lymphoma and leukemia.

According to WHO, by 2030 the number of cancer cases in the world will increase by 70%. Industrialized Western countries, including Israel, invest heavily in the development of new cancer treatment methods.

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  • Главный фактор в лечении онкологии – это время!
  • Несоизмеримо выше шанс пострадать от затягивания лечения, чем пострадать от военного конфликта на территории сектора Газа.
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Treatment of All Kinds of Cancer in Top Ichilov

The Oncology Department in Top Ichilov Clinic chaired by Professor Moshe Inbar is one of the few in Israel offering treatment of all kinds of cancer, including the rarest diseases. The department staff includes 20 medical oncologists, among them 3 professors. The Oncology Department comprises clinics of gynecologic oncology, urologic oncology, palliative care and pain therapy, immunotherapy, etc.

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Diseases Treated in the Oncology Department

Consult Top Ichilov Hospital for treatment and diagnosis of cancer. Foreign patients often come to the clinic with the following problems:

Oncology Department Physicians

Top Ichilov patients are treated by Israel’s leading oncologists:

  • Professor Moshe Inbar – Head of Department, the most experienced Israeli medical oncologist. For many years was head of Israel Cancer Association and Israel Breast Cancer Group. Cooperated with internationally renowned American oncology centers: MD Anderson Cancer Center and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Author of more than 200 scientific research papers.

  • prof Ofer Merimsky

    Professor Ofer Merimsky – medical oncologist, Head of Department for Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors, sarcoma specialist, author of approximately 160 research papers. In 2019 was included in the top-list of the best Israeli physicians according to Forbes.

  • Professor Jacob Schachter – Israel top doctor, director of the Melanoma Institute. Developed a unique immunotherapy method for treating metastatic melanoma which can cure stage IV melanoma.

  • Professor Dan Grisaru – Head of Gynecologic Oncology Department. Professional experience – over 35 years. In 2019 was included in the list of the best Israeli physicians according to Forbes.

  • Professor Ilan Ron – radiation oncologist with 20 years of professional experience. Runs a laboratory for development of all-natural anticancer drugs.

  • Doctor Alex Tsivian – laparoscopic and reconstructive urologic surgery specialist. Author of dozens of scientific papers. Professional experience – over 20 years.

  • Doctor Irina Stefanski – medical oncologist with 27 years of professional experience. Treats breast cancer, malignant tumors in digestive tract and female reproductive system in accordance with personalized protocols (including targeted therapy).

  • Professor Schlomo Schneebaum – surgical oncologist with 40 years of professional experience, Head of Breast Cancer Center. Tel Aviv University Professor, used to work in leading US oncology centers.

  • Doctor Andrew Kanner – radiation oncologist, neurosurgeon, Head of Radiosurgery Department. Professional experience – over 30 years. Offers unique brain cancer treatment with the advanced, state-of-the-art technique “Gamma Knife”.

  • Professor Jacob Bickels – orthopaedic oncologist, Head of Bone Metastases Department. Tel Aviv University Associate Professor, used to work in famous US medical centers.

  • Professor Ido Wolf – medical oncologist with 30 years of professional experience, endocrine tumor specialist, Head of Medical Oncology Department. In 2019 was included in the list of the best Israeli physicians according to Forbes.

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Innovations: New Methods of Treatment and Diagnosis in Top Ichilov

MIRA: Painless Breast Cancer Detection

Breast cancer diagnosis in Top Ichilov is based on cutting-edge techniques. Having discovered that malignant tumor cells absorb infrared light faster than healthy cells, Israeli scientists developed the MIRA method. The MIRA method provides visualization of 90% of tumors smaller than 7 mm.

Benefits of infrared radiation:

  • No pain. Breasts don’t come into contact with the machine. This sets MIRA apart from the traditional MRI which involves painful breast compression.
  • Safety. No ionizing radiation. Unlike the regular mammography which uses X-rays, the MIRA method is completely safe.

PET/MRI: Combined Study

Since 2019 Top Ichilov oncologists have been using PET/MRI to diagnose various cancers. There are only 50 machines of this kind in the world, and Israel has two of them.

The PET/MRI study combines positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Like PET/CT, it allows for evaluation of cancer spread. However, it is PET/MRI that is preferred when diagnosing:

  • head and neck tumors;
  • brain cancer;
  • liver cancer;
  • sarcoma and bone cancer;
  • blood cancers: lymphoma and leukemia.

Clinical trials have proved that PET/MRI helps to evaluate head and neck cancers and primary bone and soft tissue tumors with higher accuracy in comparison with MRI alone.

MRI in Israel

The Oncotype DX Genetic Testing Helps to Avoid Chemotherapy

The Oncotype DX testing provides women with an opportunity to avoid chemotherapy. The test developed by Israeli scientists assesses the cancer recurrence risk according to the 100-point scale. According to experts, 70% of breast tumors are not aggressive: the cancer recurrence risk is very low, and there’s no need in post-operative chemotherapy.

The precision of breast cancer recurrence risk assessment has been confirmed in several clinical trials.

Unique Pancreatic Cancer Therapy Regimens Tripled Survival Rates

Within the last 1-2 years Israeli oncologists have successfully increased pancreatic cancer survival rates by 2-3 times. Top Ichilov physicians offer cutting-edge treatment regimens and drugs.

The FOLFIRINOX protocol has tripled the overall survival rates. In this regimen, anti-cancer drugs (folinic acid, 5-FU, irinotecan and oxaliplatin) are combined with radiation therapy and surgery. The clinical trials led by Israeli experts showed that 25% of patients fully recovered. Moreover: 5 patients discovered that after drug therapy, their tumors disappeared without surgery. Researchers consider this regimen the most important achievement which increased the overall survival rates in patients with resected pancreatic cancer.

The targeted cancer drug olaparib reduces risk of recurrence by 47% and doubles the survival rates. In Top Ichilov, olaparib (Lynparza) has been used in treating pancreatic cancer with BRCA gene mutations since 2019.

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Unique Cancer Treatment Methods in Top Ichilov

  • Cryotherapy for Breast Cancer and Kidney Cancer: Freezing Cancer Cells in Israel

This nonsurgical treatment option was developed by IceCure, an Israeli company. This is a full-fledged alternative to surgical removal of cancerous tumors. Initially, cryotherapy was used for benign growths in the breast. With time, this method also proved effective in early-stage cancer treatment.

Cryotherapy implies freezing of the tumor. This procedure is carried out under local anesthesia. The doctor inserts a needle into the tumor area using ultrasound or computerized tomography. Then, the doctor injects liquid nitrogen of a very low temperature into the tumor. As a result, the growth turns into an ice cube, and cancerous tissues die.

Israeli specialists successfully use cryotherapy for breast cancer and kidney cancer. In prospect, this method may also be used to treat other types of cancer.

  • Vascular-Targeted Photodynamic Therapy for Prostate Cancer

TOOKAD is a nonsurgical prostate cancer treatment method developed by Israeli scientists. This is vascular-targeted photodynamic therapy. Doctors use a substance derived from marine photosynthetic bacteria. A drug made from these bacteria is administered intravenously and later activated with a laser beam. The reaction between the drug and oxygen in the blood leads to the blockage of blood vessels feeding the tumor. This causes tumor destruction.

Photodynamic therapy for low-risk prostate cancer helps avoid aggressive treatment (surgery and radiation therapy) and its side effects (erectile dysfunction and difficulty urinating).

Prostate cancer treatment in Israel

  • Diffusing Alpha-emitters Radiation Therapy for Skin Cancer and Breast Cancer – Alpha DaRT

This type of radiotherapy uses alpha radiation. Unlike gamma rays used in conventional radiation therapy and known for their extensive action, alpha particles affect tissues in the range of several millimeters only. This allows for pinpoint destruction of the tumor while nearby healthy tissues remain intact.

The Alpha DaRT method was developed by the Alpha Tau Medical Company specialists in cooperation with scientists from Tel Aviv University. This modality has become the world’s first technology of alpha particle radiotherapy. The procedure is used to treat skin cancer, breast cancer, and mouth cancer. It is performed under local anesthesia. Using special applicators, the doctor injects seeds 10mm in length and 0.7mm in diameter into the tumor area. The seeds contain radioactive material that emits alpha particles. Alpha radiation destroys cancerous cells in the 3mm radius without any harm to nearby healthy tissues.

  • Treatment for Prostate Cancer and Bone Metastases with ExAblate System Focused Ultrasound

The technology was developed by Insightec, an Israeli company. This is an alternative to surgery for some forms of prostate cancer. Besides, the ExAblate system successfully relieves pain in patients with bone metastases.

Treatment is completed within 1 session and is nonsurgical. This means that no incisions are made. Treatment is recommended for patients with medium-risk or low-risk malignant tumors of the prostate. Ultrasound waves are concentrated in the tumor area. They heat up the tumor and destroy it. During the procedure, the patient lies inside an MRI scanner. This helps visualize the tumor and direct ultrasound waves at the affected area. Treatment is carried out on the outpatient basis and does not require long rehabilitation.

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The Cost of Cancer Diagnosis in Top Ichilov

The cost of breast cancer treatment in the Oncology Department

Procedure Price
Mammography $148
Immunohistochemical testing for HER2/neu $214
FISH testing for HER2/neu $1,866
Breast ultrasound $210
Ultrasound-controlled breast biopsy $1,328
PET/CT $2,662
Mastectomy surgery Inquire about price

The cost of prostate cancer treatment in the Oncology Department

Procedure Price
Prostate biopsy $1,115
PSA blood test $52
Transrectal ultrasound $528
Prostate removal (prostatectomy) $6,592

The cost of colon cancer treatment in the Oncology Department

Procedure Price
Diagnostic colonoscopy $655
Virtual colonoscopy $685
Video capsule endoscopy $3,200
Colon cancer surgery $20,082

The cost of uterine cancer treatment in the Oncology Department

Procedure Price
Brachytherapy for cervical cancer $6,424
Conization (organ-preserving surgery for cervical cancer) $2,333
Hysterectomy (removal of uterus) $6,475
Trachelectomy (cervix removal with preservation of uterus) $7,008

The cost of lung cancer treatment in the Oncology Department

Procedure Price
Diagnostic bronchoscopy $2,895
Examination by thoracic surgeon $550
Brachytherapy for lung cancer $4,008
Testing for EGFR gene mutation $2,439
ALK mutation test $1,728
PET/CT $2,662
Lung cancer surgery Inquire about price

The cost of stomach cancer treatment in the Oncology Department

Procedure Price
Gastroduodenoscopy $728
Consultation with oncologist $560
Total or partial gastrectomy 23,038
Testing for HER2/neu (immunohistochemistry) $214

The cost of skin cancer treatment in the Oncology Department

Procedure Price
Melanoma removal and sentinel lymph node biopsy $5,292
Reconstructive surgery after tumor removal $2,332
Consultation with dermato-oncologist $550
Photodynamic therapy for skin tumors $565

The cost of leukemia treatment in the Oncology Department

Procedure Price
Blood tests (complete blood count and blood biochemistry) $114
PET/CT $1,556
Consultation with hematologist-oncologist $560

The cost of lymphoma treatment in the Oncology Department

Procedure Price
Bone marrow biopsy $3,410
Ultrasound-controlled lymph node biopsy $2,910
Cervical lymph node removal $6,975
PET/CT $2,662
1 course of chemotherapy starting with $1814

The cost of ovarian cancer treatment in the Oncology Department

Procedure Price
PET/CT $2,662
Testing for CA 125 tumor marker $25
1 course of standard chemotherapy $1,814
Consultation with oncologist $550

The cost of bladder cancer treatment in the Oncology Department

Procedure Price
Cystourethroscopy $311
Tumor biopsy $810
Transurethral resection of bladder tumor Inquire about price
Intravesical BCG therapy $802

The cost of pancreatic cancer treatment in the Oncology Department

Procedure Price
Endoscopic ultrasound $748
Appointment with oncologist $550
PET/CT $2662
Laparoscopic tumor resection Inquire about price

*The exact cost of cancer diagnosis and treatment in Israel depends on stage, tumor type and other individual factors. To find out the exact cost of diagnosis free of charge, fill this form.

Surgeries in the Oncology Department of Top Ichilov Clinic

Endoscopic Surgeries Reduce Recovery Time to 3-4 days

During an endoscopic surgery the doctor operates through small incisions or natural body orifices. They use a slender surgical instrument, a light and a video camera. The image of the surgical field is transmitted onto a large screen.

The benefits of endoscopic surgery:

  • Reduced hospital stay.
  • Fast recovery.
  • No post-operative scarring.

Top Ichilov’s Oncology Department specialists perform:

  • laparoscopic surgeries for GI cancer, prostate cancer, gynecologic cancers (these procedures are performed through small incisions in the stomach);
  • transurethral surgeries for bladder cancer and prostate cancer;
  • transvaginal surgeries for uterine and cervical cancers;
  • thoracoscopic procedures for lung cancer performed through small incisions between the ribs.

Minimally invasive surgery in Israel

Absolutely Precise Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgeries

Surgeries with the use of robotic systems are always minimally invasive, i.e. performed through small incisions. Benefits of robot-assisted surgery:

  • high precision of robot’s movements (robot’s hand, unlike a person’s, cannot falter);
  • use of video camera providing high-quality 3D images of the surgical field and thus assisting in maneuvering the instruments;
  • unlike regular laparoscopic procedures, robotic surgery does not require holding instruments and wearing special glasses. This also simplifies surgeon’s work and reduces risk of error.

Top Ichilov Clinic specialists use the cutting-edge surgical system DaVinci Xi. Robot-assisted surgeries are indicated for the treatment of prostate cancer, stomach cancer, gynecologic cancers, etc.

Clinical trials showed that robot-assisted surgery has benefits in comparison with regular open and endoscopic procedures. In particular, robot-assisted gynecologic surgeries were characterized by lesser blood loss and shorter hospital stay.

Organ-Preserving Surgeries: the Priority of Israeli Medicine

Israeli surgical oncologists prioritize, among other things, the preservation of high quality of life after cancer treatment. The Top Ichilov Clinic makes use of all opportunities to perform organ-preserving surgeries.

  • For breast cancer, Israeli surgeons preserve the breast in 90% of all cases. According to clinical trials, women’s survival rates after an organ-preserving surgery are comparable to those after total mastectomy.
  • For small renal tumors, doctors preserve the diseased kidney by performing partial nephrectomy.
  • For early-stage cervical cancer, surgeons perform conization or trachelectomy, i.e. partial or complete removal of cervix with preservation of the uterus.

Feedback on Cervical Cancer Treatment in Israel

  • I was 24 weeks pregnant when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. In Russia, doctors told me I needed to get an abortion and have my uterus and ovaries removed. I was shocked. I went to Israel in panic, never hoping for salvation.
  • In Top Ichilov, they pampered me from the beginning of diagnosis up to the end of treatment. Never let me lose my nerve or even think of crying.
  • I met a wonderful oncologist, Doctor Dan Grisaru. He made a totally different diagnosis.
  • Treatment started when I was 34 weeks pregnant. After cesarean section, my prognosis turned out to be quite good.
  • I was so impressed with treatment organization, physicians, and nurses.
  • I became a fan of Israel. Fell in love with people’s kindness.
  • You shouldn’t think twice: a person feeling desolate and doomed in Russia finds a new hope here.
  • Israel is a different world where cancer can be treated. In Russia, cancer still remains a death sentence.

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Chemotherapy in the Oncology Department of Top Ichilov Clinic

Regular systemic chemotherapy implies using intravenous drugs or pills. The Top Ichilov Clinic offers the cutting-edge, sparing types of chemotherapy.

Intraperitoneal chemotherapy

The method consists in administering the drug into the peritoneal cavity where the tumor is located. The procedure is performed during cytoreductive surgery for ovarian cancer and some other malignant tumors.


This method consists in local administration of the chemotherapy agent into a blood vessel feeding the tumor. Chemoembolization is mainly indicated for the treatment of liver cancer, both primary and metastatic.

Chemotherapy in Israel

Immunotherapy in the Oncology Department of Top Ichilov Clinic

The Top Ichilov oncologists have a unique immunotherapy laboratory at their disposal. Here, the immunohistochemical test for the PD-L1 protein overexpression is carried out.

A positive result of this test means that the cancer can be effectively treated with an immunotherapy agent pembrolizumab (Keytruda).

At present, Keytruda is used to treat about 30 different cancers, including:

  • stomach cancer;
  • non-small-cell lung cancer;
  • head and neck cancer;
  • melanoma;
  • some types of bladder cancer;
  • Hodgkin lymphoma.

Personalized medicine in the clinic also includes testing for HER2/neu protein overexpression for potential treatment with the Herceptin drug and other analyses.

Radiation Therapy in the Oncology Department of Top Ichilov Clinic

Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT) – new cancer treatment in Israel

SIRT is indicated for the treatment of primary and secondary liver cancer. The tumor receives tiny containers with radioactive material yttrium-90 through the hepatic artery.

Brachytherapy – internal radiotherapy

The source of radiation – applicator or pellets with radioactive material – is temporarily placed or implanted near the tumor. This method is used in the treatment of prostate cancer and gynecologic cancers.

Radioactive iodine ablation therapy

This method is used for cancer treatment in Israel. Radioactive iodine is taken orally. It destroys thyroid tumor cells. The procedure can replace surgical removal of the thyroid.

Feedback on Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis with Top Ichilov’s Oncologist Moshe Inbar

  • I needed a medical checkup in Israel and I chose Top Ichilov because of its good reputation.
  • The clinic’s international department accompanied me every single day even before my arrival, helped me with documents.
  • We were very pleased with humane support.
  • I’ve never seen such a qualified physician. Received many good recommendations.
  • The consultation with Professor Moshe Inbar left me with a deep impression. He’s not only a worldwide famous oncologist but also a charismatic person with a nice sense of humor.

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Virtual Tour around the Top Ichilov Oncology Department

  1. The correct determination of the stage of cancer is key to successful treatment. The Top Ichilov physicians use PET/CT to detect all the tumor metastases and find out whether the cancer has spread throughout the body.
  2. The Top Ichilov oncologists make precise diagnoses, prescribe proper treatment and instil into patients a positive attitude toward full recovery.
  3. The state-of-the-art surgical system DaVinci Xi is the crown jewel of the Oncology Department.
  4. The atmosphere in Top Ichilov Chemotherapy Department has little in common with hospitals. Patients get cozy in comfortable transformer armchairs; volunteers offer tea, coffee, sweet treats.
  5. Linear accelerators Novalis TrueBeam STХ – the best oncologic equipment in Israel – allow tumor irradiation with pinpoint precision.

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