The Mission of Top Ichilov Clinic

The mission of Top Ichilov Clinic is to provide quality treatment in Israel on the base of the largest state medical center “Ichilov” at affordable prices.

We guarantee that all our patients have the opportunity to be treated by a world-renowned physician and with the newest equipment. Every patient can choose their own attending doctor.


Top Ichilov Clinic provides medical services to the residents of Israel and foreign patients. We take pride in maintaining the flawless reputation of Israeli medicine and our clinic.

Treatment in Israel
In the photo: Ichilov Clinic, top view

High Quality

We provide only quality medical services corresponding with the West medicine standards.

  • All our physicians are professors and heads of departments in Israel’s largest medical center “Ichilov”
  • Our doctors continue their professional development and engage in research.
  • Our specialists abide by the concept of personalized medicine. Every patient can count on individual selection of the most effective treatment methods.
  • Top Ichilov Clinic’s International Department specialists: doctor Alexey Leibo, doctor Alexander Kirzhner, doctor I. Molchanov, doctor Finkelstein, Darya Privalova, Anna Ulyanskaya, Evgeny Medvedev.


  • Treatment in Top Ichilov Clinic is cheaper than in Israel’s private hospitals. The overall cost of treatment in our clinic is often lower than in other Israeli medical institutions, top-class foreign clinics and, obviously, intermediaries organizing treatment in Israel.
  • Our team continues to work on further reducing treatment costs for our patients.
international department Top Ichilov
In 2024, treatment prices in Ichilov fell to 30%

Advanced Technologies

Our work is based on extensive use of advanced technologies that have made Israel so famous.

  • All procedures are carried out with the help of Israel’s most sophisticated technological infrastructure in Ichilov Medical Center which includes CT, MRI and PET/CT scanners, operating theaters and laboratories.
  • We offer unique studies which are only available in several clinics in the world (i.e., PET/MRI).
  • On the average, our medical equipment is renewed every 5 years.

West Medicine Standards

We strictly abide by the standards established by international medical organizations: European Society for Medical Oncology, European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology, European Society of Cardiology and others.

Iсhilov is a member of international medical organizations
Iсhilov is a member of international medical organizations

Patient Care

We appreciate our patients and care about their comfort and well-being.

  • Even the most complicated, advanced diagnostic evaluation in our clinic takes no more than 4 days.
  • During every visit to our clinic the patient is provided with qualified medical coordination and translation.
  • Our patient can rest assured: not a single one of their questions will be left unanswered. The patient can contact their doctor or medical coordinator anytime. Initial consultations are carried out by doctor Mikhail Zeigarnik, doctor Alexander Kirzhner, doctor Alexey Leibo, Anastasia Kirshyunova, Leya Malka.
  • We admit only those patients whom we can help.
  • We pay great attention to patient’s emotional support and consider it necessary for convalescence.

Team approach

All the employees of our clinic – from doctors to nurses and medical coordinators – work as one close-knit team.

  • If necessary, we will add any specialist to your doctor team. Treatment methods are selected during multidisciplinary team meetings.
  • We will take charge of solving any problems connected to your trip – from selecting the specialist to booking accommodation and airline tickets.
Ichilov cllinic is situated near the sea
Top Ichilov is located 15 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea
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