Hematologic Oncology (Blood Cancer Treatment) in Israel

Напарстек Элизабет

Elizabeth Naparstek


Head of the Department of Hematology

Treatment of oncohematological diseases in Israel

The Hematologic Oncology Department employs 16 hematologists, 5 of them professors. This is one of the few hematologic oncology departments in Israel offering bone marrow transplantation. The department comprises the clinics of myeloma, lymphoma, and leukemia, as well as the specialized hematology clinic for older patients. There is a day hospital at the department.

After bone marrow transplantation, patients are treated in specially equipped, sterile single-bed wards with air purifiers.

Treatment At Hematologic Oncology Department

The department specialists treat all types of malignant blood disorders. Most often, they work with patients with the following conditions:

Acute lymphoblastic leukemiaChronic lymphocytic leukemia
Chronic myelomonocytic leukemiaHairy cell leukemia
Hodgkin’s lymphomaLymphatoid granulomatosis
LymphosarcomaMultiple myeloma
Myeloid leukemiaNon-Hodgkin lymphoma

Leading Hematologists-Oncologists In Israel

Напарстек Элизабет

Professor Elizabeth Naparstek, hematologist-oncologist with 40 years of professional experience. Professor of Hematology Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, author of over 160 scientific publications. Has worked in the leading clinics of Israel and the USA. Member of 8 international professional organizations.

Доктор Оделия Гур

Doctor Odelia Gur, hematologist, hematologist-oncologist, professional experience: about 30 years. Director of the day hospital at Hematologic Oncology Department. Member of hematologist associations in Israel and the USA.


Professor Irit Avivi, hematologist-oncologist, specialist in bone marrow transplantation with 27 years of professional experience. Lecturer at the Technion University Faculty of Medicine (Haifa, Israel). Was included into the list of Israel’s best physicians in 2019 according to the Forbes magazine.

Доктор Фреди Авив

Doctor Fredi Aviv, senior physician of Hematologic Oncology Department. Gives lectures on hematology for Israel Ministry of Health employees. Has worked in the leading clinics of Israel and Great Britain.


Professor Ofer Spielberg, hematologist-oncologist, former Head of the Israeli Society for Pediatric Hematology-Oncology. Professional experience: over 20 years. Gained his work experience in the leading cancer centers of Israel and the USA.

Innovations: New Methods Of Diagnosis And Treatment In Top Ichilov

Complete Remission: CAR T-Cells Attack and Destroy Cancer Cells

The CAR T-cell therapy in Top Ichilov is a type of immune therapy. Immune cells, or T-lymphocytes, are taken from the patient’s body. They are processed in the laboratory to receive the protein able to recognize the antigen on the surface of leukemia cells. Afterwards, the T-lymphocytes are re-introduced into the patient’s body where they start destroying cancerous cells.

treatment in Israel

This method is used to treat leukemia and B-cell lymphoma, a type of the non-Hodgkin lymphoma. In most cases, it helps patients achieve complete or partial remission.

80% of Chronic Leukemia Patients Overcame Their Disease with Venetoclax

In 2000s, chronic lymphocytic leukemia treatment required bone marrow transplantation. Thanks to venetoclax, Top Ichilov patients are now able to avoid the transplantation. 80% of chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients were completely cured with this drug.

Venetoclax affects the gene responsible for BCL-2 protein production and leukemia development. The drug:

  • Destroys cancerous cells;
  • Reduces the number of abnormal leukocytes;
  • Shrinks enlarged lymph nodes;
  • Restores the liver and the spleen to their normal size.

The drug is produced in the form of tablets that should be taken daily. There is no need in chemotherapy. Venetoclax is a targeted biological therapy drug that has virtually no side effects. Venetoclax has been approved for chronic lymphocytic leukemia treatment. Doctors recommend it to select patients with recurrent disease or resistance to prior therapy. Besides, the drug is used in patients with certain chromosomal abnormalities.

Types Of Treatment At Hematologic Oncology Department Of The Top Ichilov Clinic

Chemotherapy Increases Patient Survival Rates by 10 Years and More

Chemotherapy for blood cancer treatment in Israel

This method is one of the main ways to treat malignant blood disorders. Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment in Top Ichilov includes advanced cytotoxic drugs that help cure over 90% of patients completely. Therapy schemes are selected individually; this helps avoid excessive treatment. New chemotherapy drugs for multiple myeloma used at Hematologic Oncology Department increase patient survival rates by 10 years and more. This very approach is recommended by the leading Western cancer centers when treating low-risk patients, especially young people.

Targeted Therapy Spares Healthy Tissues

This type of treatment targets tumor cells without affecting healthy tissues. Specialists of Top Ichilov Department of Hematologic Oncology use the following targeted drugs:

  • Bortezomib (Velcade) for multiple myeloma;
  • Rituximab for non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Since this medication is well-tolerated, it is especially recommended for use in older patients.

Stem Cell Transplantation Activates Production of Healthy Blood Cells

Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is used for recurrent blood cancers or in cases when other treatment methods prove ineffective. The patient is prescribed strong chemotherapy that kills all bone marrow cells. Afterwards, the patient receives healthy stem cells: either donor’s or their own, specially processed. Having reached the bone marrow, these stem cells start producing healthy blood cells.

Sparing Bone Marrow Transplantation

The conventional bone marrow transplantation is a complex procedure, and some patients are unable to tolerate it. This why over the last few years, experts of Top Ichilov in Israel have been practicing the so-called mini-transplant. This is the more sparing type of treatment that includes less aggressive chemotherapy. The mini-transplant is recommended to older and weaker patients.

A Virtual Tour Of Hematologic Oncology Department

Прием врача Топ Ихилов

An experienced hematologist-oncologist from Top Ichilov will select the most appropriate treatment scheme for you in order to improve your chances for a complete cure.

Обследование в отделении диагностики

PET/CT is the most accurate way to assess the spread of cancer. At the Top Ichilov Department of Hematologic Oncology, it is used not only for initial diagnosis, but also for assessment of treatment results.

Трансплантация костного мозга в Израиле

Top Ichilov is one of the few Israeli clinics offering bone marrow transplantation.

Палаты в Топ Ихилов

After bone marrow transplantation, the patient is susceptible to infections. This is why the department for these patients is equipped with special sterile single-bed wards. The air there is purified with HEPA filters.

Клиника детской онкогематологии

The specialists of the pediatric hematologic oncology clinic do their utmost to cheer up the little patients.

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