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Scoliosis Treatment in Israel

Scoliosis treatment in Israel is based on sparing, conservative methods and unique surgeries. The strategy of treatment in Israel is developed individually for each patient.

Spine surgeons from the Top Ichilov Clinic manage to help all patients with scoliosis regardless of their age and the severity of their disease.

Spine surgeries are performed by the Head of Spinal Surgery Department, Doctor Zvi Lidar.

What to Expect from Scoliosis Diagnosis in Israel

Cost of scoliosis diagnosis: $887.

Common methods of screening for scoliosis include:

  • Examination by a spine surgeon. The doctor asks the patient about their symptoms and administers special tests.
  • X-rays. The Top Ichilov Clinic’s doctors were the first in Israel to use the innovative EOS imaging system. The dose of radiation emitted by this machine is 2-3 times lower than what patient receives during regular X-rays. Besides, unlike usual X-ray machines, the EOS system allows for comprehensive spine imaging from skull to low back all in one go.

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If necessary, the doctor may recommend additional studies, such as MRI and pulmonary function test (spirometry).

Comprehensive telemedicine package for scoliosis treatment: $540.

What are the Benefits of Scoliosis Treatment in Israel?

  1. Sophisticated equipment and experience of using it. In Israel, spine surgery is planned with the help of computer technologies – for instance, robotic surgical system SpineAssist. This is a robot developed by Israeli scientists. It helps to carefully plan the operation and control its course. Besides, special equipment allows for intra-operative neurophysiological monitoring.
  2. Vast professional experience of spine surgeons. Famous Israeli spine surgeons interned at the world’s leading clinics.

Physicians Specializing in Spine Treatment in Israel

  • Doctor Zvi Lidar – neurosurgeon, spinal surgery expert. Head of Spinal Surgery Sub-Department in the Ichilov Hospital. Specializes on minimally invasive procedures performed through a puncture. In 2016, the Forbes magazine included doctor Lidar in the list of Israel’s best physicians.

  • Doctor Ilya Pekarsky – neurosurgeon, leading expert in spinal surgery. Professional experience: over 30 years. Performs complex spine surgeries for injuries and spinal disc herniation. Operated on Olympic champion E. Plyushchenko and other famous people.

  • Doctor Dror Ovadia – neurosurgeon, spine surgeon, specialist in surgical and conservative treatment of scoliosis in children. At present, heads the Department of Pediatric Orthopedics at the Ichilov Medical Center where he has been working for about 20 years. Performs all types of surgeries for scoliosis in children, including complex, unique surgical interventions.

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How is Scoliosis in Children Treated in Israel?

In most cases, scoliosis either is present at birth or develops during childhood. In Israel, this disease is treated with a wide range of methods, both conservative and surgical.

  • Medical Supervision

The doctor simply observes the progression of the disease over time. The specialist finds out whether scoliosis is progressing and selects treatment methods accordingly.

  • Conservative Treatment

Scoliosis in children can be effectively treated with bracing or using elastic bands (posture correctors).

Supporting braces are used in the early stages of spine deformity development: they prevent the progression of scoliosis.

Corrective braces press upon the areas of spine deformity and thus correct these deformities.

  • Surgery

Surgical treatment is recommended for children with severe scoliosis (45 degrees and more) that is characterized by high progression risk, causes severe pain in the back and prevents the child from living a normal life.

The Israeli spine surgeon performs spinal fusion, a procedure that joins adjacent vertebrae. This is done with the help of special hardware and, in some cases, bone tissue taken from other areas of the patient’s body (usually, a rib). The bone transplant is placed between the vertebrae instead of removed intervertebral discs.

The surgery takes 1-4 hours. In Israel, it is performed by the most experienced spine surgeons. These specialists work at the Top Ichilov clinic.

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How Is Scoliosis in Adults Treated by the Israeli Physicians?

Sometimes scoliosis is diagnosed in middle-aged people, in their 40s or 50s. Most of these cases represent degenerative scoliosis. It develops along with the natural degeneration of intervertebral discs.

Spine deformity in adults does not always require treatment. Treatment is needed when the patient suffers from severe pains or significant functional limitations.

  • Conservative Treatment

In Israel, scoliosis is treated with the following methods:

  • restorative treatment: special exercises for posture and paraspinal muscles surrounding the spine;
  • yoga and pilates aimed at the recovery of fundamental muscles;
  • pain relievers.

Patients are also treated at specialized pain clinics. There, they are prescribed epidural steroid injections and other treatments aimed at pain syndrome relief.

  • Surgery

For a long time, spine surgeons have been avoiding operating on middle-aged and older patients with scoliosis because of high risk of complications. The per cent of complications in adults was much higher than in children. Complications arose due to the following factors:

  • patient’s overall health;
  • osteoporosis;
  • insufficient flexibility of the spine.

However, the last decade saw a significant technological progress in the spine implant production and numerous innovations in neuronavigation and intra-operative monitoring. This is why Israeli doctors have recently started to operate on middle-aged and older patients with scoliosis more often.

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The type of scoliosis surgery for adults depends on the intensity of symptoms and the effectiveness of previous treatment.

If the patient suffers from back and leg pain (present in 97% of spine deformity cases), treatment starts with minimally invasive surgery. The doctor uses a powerful surgical microscope. The incision is 1 cm long. The compressed nerve is released during surgery; this leads to elimination of pain.

In more severe cases, the spine surgeon fixes 2 or 3 adjacent vertebrae in place. During the procedure, the doctor implants fixators – screws and rods – into the vertebrae to hold them in place for the first 2 or 3 months. After that, the vertebrae get fused together.

When necessary, the Ichilov Clinic specialists successfully perform complex surgical treatment of severe spine deformities characteristic of, for instance, ankylosing spondylitis (Bechterew’s disease).Doctor Irina Stefanski Talks about the Ichilov Clinic

The Cost of Scoliosis Treatment in Israel

Scoliosis: Prices for Therapeutic and Diagnostic Procedures in Israel Prices (USD)
Evaluation by a spine surgeon, selection of the treatment approach 567
MRI of the spine 715
Spirometry 52

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