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A new hotel, Lev Fatal Ichilov, has opened with free accommodation for patients of the Ichilov Medical Center

Лечение в Израиле после терактов на границе с Газой, 7 октября 2023 г.:
  2. Все боевые действия проходили на юге Израиля, в секторе Газа. Далеко от Тель-Авива и центра страны.
  3. Большинство авиакомпаний продолжают авиасообщение с Израилем. Из РФ прямые регулярные рейсы осуществляют авиакомпании: Ред-Вингс, Азимут, Эль-Аль.
  4. В Тель-Авиве боевые действия не ощущаются. Жители живут обычной мирной жизнью. Работают все учреждения, пляжи, магазины и рестораны.
  5. Клиника работает в привычном режиме и продолжает принимать иностранных граждан.
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A new hotel, Lev Fatal Ichilov, has opened with free accommodation for patients of the Ichilov Medical Center

On March 14th, the grand opening of the new modern hotel took place. The hotel is intended for patients undergoing treatment at the Ichilov Medical Center and their family members. The hotel’s establishment was made possible through an investment of 11 million shekels. A similar guesthouse may soon be established in Haifa as well. This is a joint project between the Ichilov Medical Center and the Fatal hotel chain.

The goal of opening the new hotel is non-commercial. It aims to provide patients and their families with free accommodation during their treatment and is managed on a nonprofit basis. The primary focus is on children with complex diseases, patients from the pediatric oncology and adult oncology departments, as well as patients from the intensive care units who require regular procedures but live more than 35 km away from the Ichilov clinic.

Designed in compliance with modern standards, the hotel is located on the seventh floor of the Rishonim building, just a few minutes’ walk from the Ichilov Medical Center’s facilities. It offers 22 spacious rooms, children’s play areas, a library, a mini-kitchen, a coffee corner, and relaxation areas. Everything is provided to make the stay of patients and their families during treatment more comfortable.

The opening ceremony of the hotel was attended by David Fatal, the founder and CEO of the Fatal Group, who donated a significant portion of the funds for the project’s realization and continues to support it together with Professor Roni Gamzo, the CEO of the Ichilov clinic. “We must provide patients and their families with the opportunity to stay at the hotel for free because it is for the better future of our children. But I pray that in the end, they won’t need such services,” said David Fatal. He also expressed gratitude for the cooperation and support of Professor Gamzo’s initiative.

From the very first day, the hotel received its first guests, who were recommended by social workers at the Ichilov clinic. They praised the high level of comfort and the nearly round-the-clock access that family members have to their loved ones undergoing treatment. This is especially important for patients with limited mobility or those who have undergone surgery and are undergoing rehabilitation.

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