Liver Cancer Treatment in Israel

Доктор Ирина Стефански, онколог

Irina Stefanski


Head of Chemotherapy Department

Лечение рака печени в Израиле

The Top Ichilov Medical Center provides a unique opportunity of treating liver cancer with the help of sophisticated methods and under the supervision of the best Israeli experts.

It is important to get diagnosed and start treatment as soon as possible (liver cancer is the 3rd most dangerous type of cancer). 100% accurate liver cancer diagnosis in Israel is performed with the help of the most sophisticated equipment (latest generation PET/CT, quality biopsy).

At the Top Ichilov Clinic, the patient can undergo timely liver cancer diagnosis and treatment under the supervision of the nation’s leading oncologist, Professor Moshe Inbar (included in the TOP of Israel’s best physicians in 2017 according to Forbes Magazine).

Liver Cancer Diagnosis In Israel

Day 1. From the moment of arrival in Israel, the patient is accompanied by a medical translator from Hebrew. The patient consults with an oncologist. In order to schedule individual liver cancer diagnosis at Top Ichilov, the doctor studies:

  • symptoms of the disease;
  • the patient’s health history;
  • previous test results (special attention is given to the quality of biopsy glass slides);
  • family history.

After that, the doctor compiles a plan of liver cancer diagnosis in Israel.

Diagnosing of liver cancer in Israel
Consultation of an israeli doctor

Days 2-3. The patient goes to procedures accompanied by a medical coordinator-interpreter. The plan of liver cancer diagnosis usually includes:

  • Complete blood count and blood biochemistry, including alpha-fetoprotein level and liver function tests. Increased alpha-fetoprotein levels may indicate that the tumor is malignant. This marker is also used to control the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Tumor marker tests.
  • PET/CT is an obligatory test that evaluates the spread of cancer.
  • In order to develop a chemotherapy protocol, the oncologist must know what tissue type the tumor consists of and obtain the results of immunohistochemical reactions and tissue receptor sensitivity. As a rule, patients bring their pathological material (biopsy glass slides and paraffin blocks) for revision. If the biopsy has not been done yet, it is performed in Israel.

Day 4. Upon the completion of diagnostic procedures, the patient sees Professor Moshe Inbar who gives a final consultation, compiles a program of cancer treatment at Ichilov, prescribes medication and gives recommendations.

Length of staying in Israel for the complete liver cancer diagnosis: 3-4 working days. Price: $2975.

Comprehensive telemedicine package for liver cancer treatment: $540.

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It is important to correctly determine the type of the disease before starting treatment in the country of residence. Consult an Israeli physician right now, free of charge. Find out the prices for the necessary diagnostic procedures in Top Ichilov.

What Are The Benefits Of Liver Cancer Treatment In Israel?

  • The quality of diagnosis. About 40% of patients coming to Israel for liver cancer treatment require diagnosis specification or revision. There may be several causes:
  1. The patient has a benign growth, not a malignant tumor. Naturally, it requires different treatment.
  2. The type of malignant tumor cells has been incorrectly identified. This leads to incorrect treatment planning.
  3. Sometimes, patients bring biopsy materials taken from another person by mistake.
  • PET/CT. In Israel, cancer is primarily diagnosed with PET/CT. This method detects tumors in their earliest stages and evaluates the spread of cancer.
  • IMRT. In Israel, liver cancer is mostly treated with the so-called “radiation scalpel”, or IMRT. This is the most sparing method that destroys tumor tissue without harming healthy cells.
  • Individual approach to treatment planning. If necessary, an Israeli oncologist combines several treatment protocols to achieve the best therapeutic results.

Treating Physicians

Liver cancer diagnosis and treatment in Top Ichilov is provided by Israel’s leading oncologists:

Профессор Моше Инбар

Professor Moshe Inbar – Head of Department, one of the most popular oncologists in the world. Was Head of Israel Cancer Association (ICA) for many years. Develops, implements and uses state-of-the-art liver cancer treatment methods. Author of over 200 scientific papers.

Профессор Орен Шиболет

Professor Oren Shibolet – gastroenterologist, hepatologist, specialist in liver diseases. Professional experience: about 39 years. Secretary of the Israeli Association for the Study of the Liver. Implements and administers state-of-the-art anti-cancer drugs.

Доктор Ирина Стефански

Doctor Irina Stefanski – oncologist, Head of Chemotherapy Department, Deputy Head of Oncology Department. Professional experience in oncology: about 27 years. The best Israeli expert in comprehensive cancer therapy.

Профессор Эйнат Эвен-Сапир

Professor Einat Even-Sapir – the best Israeli expert in nuclear medicine. Interprets PET/CT scans which are used for cancer staging and metastasis detection all over Israel. Head of Nuclear Medicine Department.

6 Methods Of Liver Cancer Treatment In Israel

Liver cancer treatment methods are selected individually, depending on the patient’s health history, stage of the disease and personal preferences. In Israel, good results may be achieved with these 6 liver tumor treatment methods:

  1. surgery;
  2. radiation therapy;
  3. proton therapy;
  4. chemotherapy;
  5. chemoembolization;
  6. hepatic artery catheterization.


Surgery in Israel
Surgery in Top Ichilov

Surgery is the preferred method of liver cancer treatment. If the tumor can be removed completely, the chance of cure is significantly higher. However, complete tumor removal is not always possible because the cancer spreads. Surgeons in Israel try to remove as much tumor tissue as possible while preserving the liver so it could function.

Common surgical treatment methods for liver cancer include:

  • Partial hepatectomy. The diseased part of the liver is removed surgically.
  • Tumor ablation. The tumor is destroyed with heat (radiofrequency ablation) or, vice versa, freezing (cryodestruction). Ablation is used when surgical removal of the tumor is not possible.
  • Embolization. Tiny pellets made of plastic or other materials are administered into the arteries feeding the tumor. The pellets interfere with the blood supply and thus prevent tumor growth.

Radiation Therapy

Since radiation can destroy both cancer cells and healthy liver tissues, liver cancer is only treated with low doses. Radiation does not cure liver cancer. However, it may shrink the tumor or reduce pain.

Proton Therapy

Proton Therapy concentrates high doses of radiation directly in the tumor area without damaging normal tissues.

Chemotherapy in Israel
Chemotherapy in Top Ichilov


Usually, chemotherapy is not used in liver cancer treatment because of low reaction rate. However, doctors have started to use newer drugs like sorafenib to block the blood vessels feeding the tumor.

Liver cancer treatment in Israel also involves state-of-the-art chemotherapy with drugs administered directly into the liver. Thus, doctors can use higher doses of medication than usual with fewer side effects.

Systemic Chemotherapy for Liver Cancer Treatment in Israel

The medication is administered directly into the hepatic artery; this method is called hepatic artery infusion chemotherapy. Chemotherapy agents administered into the blood enter the liver and mostly affect the tumor, not the entire body. This means that the side effects are less severe in comparison with systemic chemotherapy.

Liver cancer treatment in Ichilov Medical Center in Israel also involves an innovative chemotherapy method: transarterial chemoembolization. It implies sealing of the blood vessel that feeds the tumor and subsequent administration of chemotherapy. At present, Israeli oncologists use chemoembolization with microspheres. Microspheres are polymer particles that contain a chemotherapy drug.

After the particles enter the blood vessel feeding the tumor, they slowly (during one month) release the drug that kills the cancerous growth. This type of chemotherapy often serves as a full-fledged alternative to surgery in cases when surgical treatment is impossible due to the large size of the tumor, numerous clusters of cancer cells or other factors.


A needle with a small tube is introduced into the artery in the groin area. A large dose of medication is administered through the tube. Then the artery is sealed off to prevent blood flow to the liver.

Hepatic Artery Catheterization

The doctor places a catheter near the liver. For a while, chemotherapy drugs are continually administered through the catheter.

Most patients are prescribed combination treatment with different methods. This approach increases the effectiveness of liver cancer therapy.

Cost Of Treatment

ProcedurePrice, $
Partial removal of a lobe of the liver32827
Removal of metastases (secondary liver cancer) with radio waves6095
Selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT)18405
Irradiation of 1 field for external radiation therapy303
Hepatic artery catheterizationInquire about the price

*Attention! Payments are only accepted directly by the Ichilov-Sourasky Clinic. Avoid intermediaries.

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