The TIL Protocol for Melanoma Treatment in Israel

Professor Jakob Shachter

Jacob Schachter


Head of the Melanoma Institute

TIL Treatment for Melanoma in Israel

TIL Immunotherapy in Israel uses your very own cellular material. Specific cells known as tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes are taken off your cancers and separated within a professional lab. They may be then grown to very large amounts and administered back to your system.

TIL is extremely good at sufferers with sophisticated metastatic melanoma which have possessed little or no make use of traditional treatments. About 50% of those sufferers present development with TIL and approximately 25Per cent of sufferers are healed with their melanoma. Nonetheless, since TIL is quite leading edge, this treatment method has restricted availability. There are only a number of healthcare organizations on the planet offering TIL. One of those particular is in the center of TIL investigation and trials – Ichilov Medical Center in Israel.

Up until now, metastatic cancer was considered untreatable. However, specialists from the Ella Institute for Treatment and Research of Melanoma proved otherwise. The unique immunotherapy method used at the Institute provides complete cure of metastatic melanoma patients.

About 10-15 years ago, metastatic melanoma was treated exclusively with chemotherapy. According to Doctor Ronnie Shapira-Frommer, the Director of the Institute for Treatment and Research of Melanoma, this method is rarely used in Israel now; it has been replaced with immunotherapy and targeted therapy. These options help plan treatment individually for each patient. This is why the melanoma therapy has become more effective.

It was at the Institute for Treatment and Research of Melanoma where the TIL protocol was developed. This is a unique immunotherapy method that helps cure melanoma completely. The protocol has been used since 2006, and the treatment results may be now assessed with confidence. According to Professor Jacob Schachter, the founder of the institute, some patients received the treatment 10 years ago, and the disease has not come back.

Ichilov medical center

The TIL (tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes) protocol uses immune system cells, or lymphocytes, to fight melanoma. The purpose of the lymphocytes is to detect and destroy foreign pathogens including cancer cells.

First, the surgeon removes one of the metastases and sends it to the laboratory. The laboratory specialists separate lymphocytes from the tumor tissue and stimulate their multiplication. Within 2-4 weeks, a significantly larger amount of lymphocytes is re-administered into the patient’s body to fight against the melanoma.

By now, 120 patients have already received the innovative therapy at the Institute for Treatment and Research of Melanoma. The treatment results are promising: many patients have achieved longstanding remission.

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