Spine Cancer Treatment in Israel

Доктор Ирина Стефански, онколог

Irina Stefanski


Head of Chemotherapy Department

Spine Cancer Treatment in Israel

In 34% of patients from Eastern Europe coming to Ichilov for spine cancer treatment, Israeli physicians do not confirm this diagnosis.

The Ichilov spine cancer detection program takes 3-4 days and costs $2,946.

Surgery: surgery using Mazor spine robot and O-Arm navigation system, transoral spine tumor surgery (TORS), microsurgery.

Image-guided interventional procedures: kyphoplasty, vertebroplasty, radiofrequency ablation.

Radiation therapy: stereotactic radiosurgery (Gamma Knife), intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), brachytherapy.

Targeted therapy: bevacizumab (Avastin), everolimus (Afinitor).

Medications: bisphosphonates, denosumab.

The multidisciplinary specialist team providing spine cancer treatment at Top Ichilov, includes:

  • spine surgeons: Doctor Z. Lidar and Doctor I. Pekarsky;
  • oncologists: Professor M. Inbar and Doctor I. Stefanski;
  • radiologist: Doctor A. Kanner.

What To Expect From Spine Cancer Diagnosis

The disease detection starts with consulting a spine surgeon. If the patient contacts this specialist to complain about back pain, the doctor will ascertain whether they have a malignant tumor of any location. This helps diagnose a metastatic tumor of the spine. Spinal metastases are most frequently seen in:

Having conversed with the patient, the doctor carries out a physical examination.

If a spine tumor is suspected, the following medical imaging options may be used to detect it and check whether it has spread:

Spine Cancer Diagnostic in Israel
The Ichilov Medical Center Imaging Department is equipped with the cutting-edge Philips MRI scanners
  1. Spine X-rays. In Israel, this spine cancer detection method is not the basic one due to its insufficient sensitivity. An X-ray is usually followed by MRI or MSCT.
  2. Multispiral computed tomography (MSCT). This imaging study is mainly used for extradural tumors located above the dura mater. Most often, these tumors are secondary, or metastatic.
  3. MRI. In comparison with MSCT, this is a more efficient way to visualize tumors of the spinal canal and spinal cord.
  4. Bone scan. This study is recommended if a malignant tumor is diagnosed and spinal metastases are suspected.

Imaging studies may be followed by a spine biopsy. A biopsy implies taking samples of the lesion to determine its nature. A vertebral tissue sample may be taken through a puncture in the skin above the vertebra. A cervical vertebra biopsy may be done transorally, through a puncture in the back of the throat. In complicated cases, doctors perform a CT-guided procedure.

The Diagnostic Program For Spine Cancer In Israel

Day 1. Appointment with a Diagnostician

Doctor I. Molchanov, the Top Ichilov Clinic diagnostician, examines the patient and asks questions to compile health history which is then translated into Hebrew for the Israeli specialists. If slides and tissue sample blocks are available, they are sent to the laboratory for revision. Afterwards, Doctor Molchanov refers the patient for lab tests and imaging studies.

Day 2. Diagnostic Procedures

On day 2, the patient undergoes:

  • blood tests (complete blood count and blood biochemistry – to detect conditions typically associated with cancer: liver failure, anemia, etc.);
  • urinalysis (to detect changes in kidney function caused by the disease);
  • PET/CT (this study helps detect all the malignant lesions in the body).

Day 3. Consultation with a Specialist

Depending on the examination results, the patient sees an oncologist (Professor Merimsky, specialist in bone cancer) or a spine surgeon (Doctor Ilya Pekarsky). The doctor makes the final diagnosis and prescribes treatment.

The duration of staying in Israel for complete examination: 3-4 working days. Price: $2,946.

✓ Right Now: An opportunity to consult a Top Ichilov physician free of charge

It is important to correctly determine the type of the disease before starting treatment in the country of residence. Consult an Israeli physician right now, free of charge. Find out the prices for the necessary diagnostic procedures in Top Ichilov.

4 Advantages Of Spine Cancer Treatment In Israel

  1. Use of cutting-edge technologies. Spine surgery at the clinic is performed with the O-Arm robotic navigation system. It helps the spine surgeon acquire high-resolution 2D and 3D images. The clinic specialists perform complex surgery to completely remove spine tumors with the en bloc resection method.
  2. Timely diagnosis and treatment. The diagnostic process in the clinic takes no longer than 4 days. The patient is then recommended either surgery or radiation therapy.
  3. Highly qualified spine surgeons. The clinic employs spine surgeons with no less than 20 years of work experience. Many of them trained at the world’s leading clinics. For example, Doctor Zvi Lidar served his internship at Sheba, the large Israeli medical center, and then completed 4 courses of training at the famous medical centers of the USA and Japan.
  4. Multidisciplinary approach to treatment. When treating spine tumors, the clinic’s spine surgeons work closely with oncologists and radiologists. This ensures personalized selection of an appropriate treatment program for every patient.

Physicians Treating Spine Cancer at Top Ichilov

Diagnosis and treatment for spine cancer patients at Top Ichilov is provided by Israel’s leading oncologists:

Профессор Цви Лидар

Doctor Zvi Lidar, neurosurgeon, expert in spine surgery. Head of Spine Surgery Subdivision. Specializes in minimally invasive interventions performed through a puncture in the skin. The Forbes Magazine included Doctor Lidar into the list of Israel’s best physicians in 2016.

Профессор Яков Бикельс

Professor Jacob Bickels, famous Israeli orthopedic surgeon. Head of Bone Metastasis Subdivision. Provides treatment for spinal lesions as a multidisciplinary team specialist, together with oncologists and radiation therapists.

Doctor Irina Stefanski – oncologist, Head of Chemotherapy Subdivision, Deputy Head of Oncology Department. Work experience in oncology: about 27 years. One of Israel’s best specialists in comprehensive cancer therapy.

The 2 Best Options For Spine Cancer Treatment In Israel

The most effective spine cancer treatment options in Israel include:

  • surgery to remove the spinal tumor;
  • radiosurgery.

Surgery To Remove The Spinal Tumor

During the en bloc resection, the tumor is removed as a single block with a small piece of healthy tissue.

Surgery for Spine Cancer in Israel
Surgery to remove a spinal tumor

This type of surgery allows for the complete cure of the disease. During the surgical intervention, the doctor may restore the removed vertebrae with metal or non-metal implants or with the patient’s own bone tissue.

For spine tumor treatment, the Top Ichilov spine surgeons widely use microsurgical technologies and electrophysiological monitoring. This method helps assess the patient’s nervous system functions during surgery and prevent severe complications associated with spinal cord injury. State-of-the-art imaging technologies are also essential for surgical spine tumor treatment.

If it is impossible to remove the tumor completely, spine surgeons perform such palliative surgical procedures as marginal resection or curettage. These operations help free the nerve from the pressure and improve the patient’s condition.

Radiosurgery For Spine Cancer

The Top Ichilov Clinic offers radiosurgery, the cutting-edge, efficient method of tumor irradiation. Radiosurgery is a type of treatment that uses high-dose ionizing radiation. This treatment option is indicated for patients with inoperable spine tumors. It is also used for recurrent lesions and metastatic tumors.

During radiosurgery, the patient receives a single dose of radiation. Before the procedure, MRI and CT are done. The results of these studies are combined using special software. This helps determine the exact position of the patient’s body during treatment.

The procedure takes 20-30 minutes. Afterwards, the patient may be discharged from the clinic.

Treatment Options Introduced In 2024

  • Surgery Using the Mazor Surgical Robot

The surgical robot developed in Israel helps place the screws with 100% accuracy during spinal fusion, a type of surgery done to connect several vertebrae together using metal implants. Clinical trials have confirmed the usefulness of the robot in spine surgery.

  • The Cutting-Edge Radiation Therapy Protocol

The new protocol implies a single radiation therapy session for metastatic tumors of the spine. A clinical trial shows that a single irradiation procedure is as effective as the conventional radiotherapy protocol comprising 5 irradiation sessions.

What Is The Cost Of Spine Cancer Treatment In Israel?

ProcedurePrice, $
Surgical spine tumor removal with implant placement22166
Consultation with a spine surgeon563
MRI of the spine1096
Computed tomography of the spine377
Lumbar puncture424
X-rays of the spine109

*Attention! Payments are only accepted directly by the Ichilov-Sourasky Clinic. Avoid intermediaries.

How To Receive Spine Cancer Treatment In Top Ichilov?

  1. Call the clinic right now: +972-37621629
  2. Or fill in the form below. Our doctor will contact you within 2 hours.

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