Medical Tourism in Israel

medical tourism in Israel

In recent years, medical tourism in Israel has become the gold standard of affordability and quality of medical service for many residents of foreign countries. This is confirmed with verifiable data. Apart from one of the world’s highest life expectancy values, Israeli medicine has numerous other advantages and statistical achievements including the world’s lowest cancer mortality rate and second lowest cardiovascular mortality rate.

Why People Prefer Treatment in Israel

100% accurate diagnosis. Israeli clinics are fitted with the state-of-the-art equipment. They offer high-technology diagnostic procedures: 256-slice computerized tomography, PET/CT and PET/MRI, complex laboratory studies including genetic testing.

High qualification of the doctors. Education of a specialist physician in Israel takes at least 16 years. On their road to professionalism, Israeli doctors undergo training in the world’s leading clinics.

Advanced treatment options. Israeli physicians use endoscopic surgery, radiosurgery and other advanced, minimally invasive and organ-preserving treatment methods.

No language barrier. About 92% of physicians and 74% of nurses in Israel speak English. In many clinics including Top Ichilov, the patient is provided with the medical support and translation service.

Affordable prices. For comparison, here are the average prices in USD for the most widely used diagnostic and treatment procedures in Germany, Israel, and the USA.

ProcedurePrice in IsraelPrice in GermanyPrice in the USA
Computed tomography$420$450$6,800
Chest X-ray$45$70$320
Brain tumor radiosurgery$12,600$16,000$76,000
Breast cancer surgery (mastectomy)$4,400$9,700$72,000
Initial consultation with a specialist physician$550$550$750
Diagnostic coronary angiography$3,750$6,500$10,000
Coronary artery bypass grafting$19,390$21,300$125,000
In vitro fertilization$4,500$5,000$16,000
Knee replacement surgery$9,950$16,600$37,000
Hip replacement surgery$9,950$16,450$41,000
Cataract surgery$2,130$3,000$6,000

A familiar language environment is another notable foundation of comfortable living conditions. A person with medical issues is more vulnerable to the unfavorable external factors. If this person is also stressed out about explaining themselves to physicians, hotel staff, sales clerk in a store, it may affect not only their emotional state, but also the effectiveness of treatment. In Top Ichilov, starting with the patient’s arrival to Israel and literally till their way back up the airstair, the patient is accompanied not simply by an interpreter, but by a professional medical coordinator.

Israel has another advantage over other global centers of medical tourism. During a break between diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, patients here can enjoy the beach of one of the warmest seas of the world ocean: the Mediterranean Sea (by the way, the Ichilov Clinic (Sourasky) is located within just a 5-minute drive from the seaside). If there appears a gap in the intense process of treatment, it will be a great idea to visit the Holy places that attract hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world like a magnet.

Another tourist destination in Israel, the Dead Sea, is the world’s best natural “physiotherapy office” that cures diseases like a certified physician. Therefore, the pleasure of staying at a resort will become that very tangible rehabilitation bonus that the patient will receive together with therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.

Ichilov medical center

Facts about Treatment in Israel

  • Every year, more than 60,000 patients come to Israel for treatment. Most often, patients from abroad contact Israeli clinics to undergo the following procedures and types of surgery:
  1. Cancer treatment
  2. Blood cancer treatment (including bone marrow transplantation)
  3. Neurosurgical procedures
  4. ENT surgery
  5. Cardiovascular surgery
  6. Plastic surgery
  7. Treatment for skin conditions
  8. Treatment for diabetes mellitus
  • Medical tourists mostly prefer the clinics located in the center of the country, mainly in Tel Aviv. The Ichilov Medical Center occupies the leading position; the majority of foreign patients visit this very clinic.
  • More than 80% of staff in the Israeli clinics speak English.

Israeli Clinics Providing Medical Tourism Service. How to Choose the Best One

So, you’ve chosen Israel. What’s next? The answer to this question comes after the answer to another question: what is the most intimidating thing about treatment in Israel? An army of untrustworthy intermediaries who tend to deceive their clients. Of course, one shouldn’t regard all intermediary companies as con artists and money-grubbers, but there is always the risk to meet an “ex-taxi driver” turned medical expert. This problem may be solved by contacting the clinic directly.

Choose a Clinic? Choose a Doctor!

The notion of a good clinic, paradoxical though it may seem, does not always mean good physicians. Top Ichilov employs exclusively Israel’s leading physicians: professors and Heads of Departments. Here, the patient may also consult with the best private doctors in Israel. It is sufficient to look through the “Our Doctors” section and learn about all the titles and achievements of our physicians to wonder how, notwithstanding their stellar reputation in global medicine, they all remain accommodating, compassionate people.

You will know the names of your future doctors before your arrival to Israel. Starting from the moment of the patient’s contact with the Top Ichilov Clinic, they only communicate with professional consulting physicians. Unlike sales managers without medical education, our specialists are able to correctly assess the patient’s situation and the amount of help they need. The qualification of our consulting physicians helps them answer all the patient’s questions competently and develop a preliminary treatment program. The program is developed personally for every patient, with consideration to the particularities of their disease.

How to Receive Diagnosis and Treatment in Top Ichilov?

Enter your contacts into the application form on the website. Now, you may stop worrying about your health: it is in safe hands.

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