Joint Replacement in Israel

Арбель Рон

Ron Arbel


Head of the Knee Replacement Department

Joint replacement in Israel

The evaluation required to prepare for joint replacement in Israel at clinic Ichilov takes 1-2 days and costs $686.

Joint replacement in Ichilov is provided by the leading orthopedic surgeons with at least 20 years of professional experience:

  • Specialists in hip and knee replacement surgery: Doctor R. Arbel, Doctor A. Menachem and Doctor V. Benkovich;
  • Specialist in shoulder surgery: Dr. E. Maman.

Knee replacement: single-stage replacement of the two knee joints, 3D knee joint models based on the Signature Knee technology, joint replacement using robotic systems: OMNIBotics and Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted.

Hip replacement: minimally invasive hip replacement surgery through an incision of about 7-8cm, implantation of endoprostheses: JOHNSON&JOHNSON, Biomet, Zimmer.

Shoulder replacement: anatomic and reverse shoulder replacement.

The Pre-Operative Evaluation Program

Day 1. Tests and Imaging Studies

Throughout the day, the patient undergoes:

Ichilov medical center
  • MRI (if the patient has no discs with previous study results);
  • Blood tests (including coagulation tests).

In some cases, doctors also order X-rays, computerized tomography, and other diagnostic procedures.

Day 2. Consultation with an Orthopedic Surgeon

The patient visits one of the leading orthopedic surgeons of the Top Ichilov Clinic. The doctor works with the patient to plan the surgery and explains the expected treatment results.

The cost of diagnosis: $686 (if the disc with MRI results is available).

The duration of the evaluation: 1-2 days.

The Advantages Of Joint Replacement In Israel

  • Use of advanced joint replacement methods. The Israeli specialists select endoprostheses individually. The computer software allows for 3D modelling of the affected joint and helps fit the endoprosthesis perfectly. The minimally invasive technologies help implant the artificial joint through a small incision. This speeds up recovery and minimizes the risk of postoperative complications.
  • Use of robotic surgery. For the last 5 years, the Israeli experts have been using the NAVIO robotic system for knee replacement surgery. The surgical robot allows for precise planning and control of the procedure.
  • Newest rehabilitation technologies. Recovery after joint replacement in Israel includes the use of virtual reality devices and other innovative options. Personally selected sets of exercises help the patient return to their everyday life faster.

Treating Physicians

Couples that come to Israel for infertility treatment are seen by the leading gynecologists, urologists and fertility specialists of the country:

Doctor Ron Arbel, orthopedic surgeon, professional experience: over 30 years. Director of Sports Medicine Clinic. Gained experience at the largest clinics of the USA, Western Europe, and Israel. Consultant of the representative Israeli football, volleyball and other sport teams.

Doctor Aaron Menachem, provides joint treatment including replacement of the joints with artificial prostheses. Within several decades of his career, performed over one thousand of knee and hip replacement procedures.

Доктор Ишай Розенблат

Doctor Yishai Rosenblatt, orthopedic surgeon, specialist in hand surgery and surgical treatment for the wrist, elbow and shoulder joint abnormalities. Director of Hand Surgery Clinic at Orthopedic Surgery Department of the Ichilov Medical Center. Has mastered the techniques of sparing arthroscopic hand surgery. Provides surgery for both adults and children.

Joint Replacement Procedures Provided By The Clinic

The Top Ichilov specialists offer surgical replacement of any joints. You will find more detailed information about some types of surgery below.

Hip Replacement Surgery

This surgical intervention is carried out under general anesthesia and takes about 2 hours. The socket of the endoprosthesis, or the acetabulum located in the pelvic area, is made of metal, durable plastic, or ceramics. The ball of the endoprosthesis, or the part wound up the stem that is fitted into the thigh bone, is usually made of metal or ceramics.

Hip Replacement Surgery in Israel

There are 3 ways to fix an endoprosthesis:

  • Cementless – using the press-fit technique (this option uses special titanium endoprostheses with a rough surface; they are pressed into the bone and then grow into it);
  • Cemented – using special bone cement;
  • Hybrid – the ball part is fixed with the press-fit technique and the socket part is fixed with cement.

The choice of the material and the way to fix an endoprosthesis depends on the patient’s age and bone health. The postoperative recovery proceeds as follows:

  • On the day after surgery, the medical personnel helps the patient stand up and start walking using assistive devices.
  • The duration of hospital stay is 7 days.
  • The patient resumes their normal lifestyle, including work, in 4-6 weeks.

The cost of X-rays: $52.

Hip replacement surgery in an elderly patient following a femoral neck fracture: $13,546.

Primary femoral neck replacement (without fracture): $7,952.

Доктор Аарон Менахем

The advanced cineplastic approach to joint replacement helps choose an angle for the endoprosthesis according to the patient’s individual anatomy. This approach is used in knee and hip replacement surgery. To determine the correct position of the artificial joint during surgery, the physicians use X-rays and a special navigation system. This helps preserve the adequate muscular length and strength as well as the normal extremity length. Therefore, we can achieve better surgical results and improve the chances for faster postoperative recovery.

Doctor Aaron Menachem

Head of Joint Replacement Department

Knee Replacement Surgery

Over 90% of patients who had undergone knee replacement surgery at the Ichilov Clinic, noticed that their quality of life significantly improved and the pain disappeared within the next 3 months. The specialists of the Top Ichilov Orthopedic Surgery Department use the minimally invasive joint replacement technique that includes a 9-15cm long incision (instead of 20-25cm). The surgical intervention is carried out under general or regional (spinal) anesthesia and takes 2-2.5 hours. If the spinal anesthesia is used, the patient remains awake during the entire procedure while the lower half of their body becomes temporarily insensitive to pain.

The joint may be replaced:

  • Partially (unicondylar knee replacement);
  • Completely (total knee replacement).

The size of the implant is selected according to the pre-operative X-rays. The experts also use an advanced CT-based computer modelling technology.

The thigh bone part of the knee endoprosthesis is made of metal (usually of cobalt-chromium alloys). The shin bone part is made of a combination of metal and special durable plastic.

After surgery, the patient starts to recover:

  • For the first two hours, the patient stays in a special room monitored by the doctors. Then, the patient is transferred to Orthopedic Surgery Department.
  • The patients stays at Orthopedic Surgery Department for 48 hours. This is where the rehabilitation starts. The patient receives painkillers according to the personalized protocol. The day after surgery, they start walking using a walking frame.
  • On day 3, the patient is discharged from the hospital. They receive recommendations from orthopedic surgeons and physical therapy experts regarding further recovery.

The cost of X-rays: $53. Knee replacement surgery: $9,957.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder replacement surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes 2-2.5 hours. This procedure is carried out less often compared to knee and hip replacement surgery. Nevertheless, the Top Ichilov orthopedic surgeons have extensive experience in shoulder replacement.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery in Israel

The types of shoulder endoprostheses include:

  • Anatomic prostheses – follow the natural shoulder structure and may be implanted if the patient has no rotator cuff injuries;
  • Reverse prostheses – used for rotator cuff tears.

The cost of total shoulder replacement: $9,953. Partial replacement: $9,034.

Implants are usually made of metal and durable plastic; some are covered with ceramics. If the cartilage is affected and the bones are healthy, the experts may perform partial shoulder replacement. The postoperative hospitalization lasts for 4-7 days. The day after surgery, the physical therapy expert will show the patient special exercises for faster recovery.

Ankle Replacement Surgery

Historically, severe ankle injuries were treated with arthrodesis: removal of the joint and rigid fixation of the foot. This prevented normal walking and significantly limited the patient’s mobility. Ankle replacement surgery is a relatively new procedure. However, the Top Ichilov Clinic orthopedic surgeons have mastered this surgical technique.

The ankle endoprosthesis consists of two plates separated by a polyethylene pad. Ankle replacement surgery takes about 2 hours. Afterwards, the doctors put a splint onto the ankle to fix it in the correct position.

The patient starts walking on the 3rd day after surgery. In 2 weeks, they will be able to walk without crutches and walking frames. In just 2 months after surgery, the patient will be able to resume sports.

Ankle replacement surgery: $9,957.

The Advanced Equipment Used For Joint Replacement In Top Ichilov

  • Equipment and software for computer modelling in knee replacement surgery. Special computer software helps create a 3D model of the joint. This model is used in surgical planning. It helps the surgeon perform more precise manipulations, avoid excessive removal of bone and implant the endoprosthesis at the right angle. Before the procedure, the surgeon applies the endoprosthesis to the 3D model in order to perform surgery according to the calculations. This technology provides the possibility to replace both knee joints during a single surgical procedure.
  • Treadmill for postoperative recovery. The treadmill is equipped with a computer and a screen as well as video cameras to record the patient’s leg movements. Walking on the treadmill simulates real-life walking: the patient has to overcome obstacles of various degrees of difficulty. Treadmill appointments are held 3 times a week and last for 30-45 minutes.

Treatment Methods Introduced In 2024

Robot-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in Israel

These surgical procedures are carried out in two stages. The first stage includes surgical planning based on a 3D joint model. The second stage is performed with a robotic “arm” connected to a cutting device. The robot prevents the surgeon from shifting away from the plan even for 0.5 millimeters. In case of an error, the system shuts down.

The surgical robot is especially useful for partial knee replacement: this type of surgery requires an exact fit of the endoprosthesis to the remaining part of the joint. According to the statistics, the use of robotic systems reduces the number of repeated joint replacement procedures by 5.4% within the next 5 years.

How Can I Have Joint Replacement Surgery In Top Ichilov

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  2. Or fill in the form below. Our doctor will contact you within 2 hours.

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