The Best Orthopedic Surgeons in Israel

At the Top Ichilov Clinic, you can receive a private consultation from one of the best Israeli orthopedic surgeons. These doctors are the leading specialists in focused professional disciplines: foot surgery, hip and knee surgery, sports medicine, etc. Every year, they perform hundreds of routine orthopedic surgical procedures and therefore have extensive experience. However, our surgeons also consult patients with rare musculoskeletal conditions requiring surgery.

Ichilov medical center

In Top Ichilov, patients may consult with 16 orthopedic surgeons including pediatric specialists. The group of experts includes 5 professors as well as lecturers of the medical faculties at the Israeli and foreign universities.

The Top Ichilov patients receive treatment from Israel’s leading orthopedic surgeons:


Professor I. Fluman, highly respected Israeli specialist in spine conditions. Performs all types of spine surgery including scoliosis surgery. Actively uses endoscopic and robotic surgery during the procedures in order to minimize the risks for the patient.

Doctor R. Arbel, orthopedic surgeon, leading Israeli specialist in sports medicine. Head of Knee Replacement Department at the Ichilov Medical Center. Provides knee arthroscopic surgery for diagnosis and treatment and actively uses robot-assisted surgery for knee replacement.

Доктор Гилад Регев

Doctor Gilad Regev, leading spine surgeon of the Ichilov Medical Center. Was included into the list of the country’s best physicians by the Forbes Israel magazine in 2021. Provides surgical treatment for scoliosis and spinal stenosis. Also offers conservative treatment options.

Doctor A. Menahem, Head of Joint Replacement Department at the Ichilov Medical Center, leading specialist in knee and hip replacement with 40 years of professional experience. Has mastered the arthroscopic surgery techniques.

Доктор Нимрод Снир

Doctor Nimrod Snir, senior physician of the Department of Orthopedics at the Ichilov Medical Center. Provides a wide range of surgical procedures: total and partial joint replacement, revision (repeated) joint replacement after unsuccessful surgery or due to the wear and tear of the prosthesis, minimally invasive arthroscopic interventions on the knee joint. Offers advanced treatment for knee injuries using the state-of-the-art PRP therapy.

Doctor Gabriel Moses, Head of Shoulder Surgery Department at the Ichilov Medical Center. Performs all types of shoulder replacement. Uses the InSpace Balloon minimally invasive method that allows treatment for rotator cuff tears without extensive surgery. Provides treatment for shoulder fractures as well as shoulder dislocations using advanced fixation devices.

Доктор Эльханан Лугер

Doctor E. Luger, orthopedic surgeon with over 35 years of experience in joint surgery. Head of Foot Surgery Subdivision at the Ichilov Medical Center. Was included into the top list of Israel’s best physicians compiled by the Forbes magazine in 2021 and featuring specialists in 37 medical disciplines.

How To Consult With A Top Ichilov Orthopedic Surgeon?

  1. Call the clinic right now: +972-37621629
  2. Or fill in the form below. Our doctor will contact you within 2 hours.

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