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Second Opinion: Israel

Many patients who have been recommended a lengthy and complex treatment, want to be absolutely sure that this is what they truly need. If a doctor recommends radical surgery, an important question arises: aren’t there any advanced organ-preserving treatment options? The second opinion service will help dispel these doubts. In Israel, any patient may consult the country’s best physicians to ascertain if the diagnosis and the treatment strategy are correct. This type of consulting is called the “second opinion” service. It is provided by all the leading clinics including Top Ichilov.

Who Provides the Second Opinion Service at Top Ichilov?

The Top Ichilov patients may obtain the second opinion from the leading Israeli professors, heads of departments at the Ichilov Medical Center. These physicians’ work experience amounts to 30-40 years. Many of them give lectures at the world’s best universities and have published hundreds of research works.

The second opinion service in Israel

Virtually all these specialists are regularly included into the lists of Israel’s best physicians annually compiled by the Forbes Magazine. These doctors include:

What Are the Advantages of the Second Opinion Service at Top Ichilov?

  1. Availability of any, even the most sought-after, doctor within the shortest possible time. At Top Ichilov, the patient may have an appointment with any doctor the very next day after having contacted the clinic.
  2. Medical interpreter service. If desired, the patient may request a medical interpreter to accompany them during the entire consultation. The medical interpreter service is provided free of charge.
  3. Provision of a medical assessment and other medical documents following the consultation. After the appointment, the Top Ichilov patient receives a medical assessment, treatment recommendations, and prescriptions for medications (if indicated). At the patient’s request, these documents may be translated from Hebrew into Russian or English.

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What Will the Patient Get Having Obtained a Second Opinion from Israel’s Leading Physicians?

  1. Confidence in the diagnostic precision. Sometimes, a doctor is unable to make a precise diagnosis due to insufficient experience or unavailability of the expensive equipment. And having obtained a second opinion, the patient may save not only their health but also their life. If the leading Israeli physician confirms the previously-made diagnosis and approves of the treatment strategy, the patient will know for sure that the forthcoming therapy is correct. In the Israeli specialists’ experience, this type of confidence improves treatment outcomes greatly.
    Treatment in Israel
  2. Information on new treatment options. Thanks to their training at the world’s leading clinics, participating in scientific conferences, and studying up-to-date medical literature (including works unavailable to doctors from the post-Soviet states), Israeli physicians possess the most complete information on advanced diagnostic and treatment options. During consultations, they explain to the patient what cutting-edge options may be used to treat their specific disease.
  3. Complete review of all treatment options. Sometimes, the treating physician tells the patient of the only treatment method – the one they practice themselves. Thanks to the second opinion service, the patient will expand their knowledge of potential treatment options and get the opportunity to choose.
  4. Consulting a doctor of a related specialization. Sometimes, the multidisciplinary approach is required for the most effective treatment. For example, a woman preparing for breast cancer surgery, may obtain a second opinion from a plastic surgeon.
  5. Optimal choice of a doctor. It is possible that, having obtained an experienced specialist’s opinion, the patient will realize they have found a trustworthy doctor, and will prefer being treated by this very expert.

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