The Best Oncologists in Israel

The Top Ichilov Clinic provides private consultations with Israel’s leading oncologists. At our clinic, patients may consult with 10 oncologists including 5 professors. Each of our physicians specializes in a certain type of cancer.

Ichilov medical center

In Top Ichilov, patients can:

  • Make an appointment with a professor/Head of Department without having to wait for a long time;
  • Receive high-quality medical service (a doctor’s consultation at the clinic usually lasts for more than 1 hour);
  • Receive a second opinion from a top-class Israeli doctor: we employ the renowned leaders in their specialties;
  • Receive a consultation from an oncologist specializing in your exact disease since every physician of the department provides treatment for a specific condition.

The Top Ichilov patients receive treatment from Israel’s leading oncologists:

Профессор Моше Инбар

Professor Moshe Inbar – Head of Department, the most experienced Israeli medical oncologist. Had been Head of Israel Cancer Association and Israel Society for Treatment and Research of Breast Cancer for many years. Worked with the world-renowned American cancer centers: M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Author of over 200 scientific publications.

Doctor Irina Stefanski – medical oncologist with 27 years of professional experience. Provides treatment for breast cancer and malignant tumors of the GI tract and the female reproductive system according to personalized protocols that include targeted therapy.

Профессор Офер Меримский

Professor Ofer Merimsky – medical oncologist, Head of the Department of Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors, specialist in sarcoma treatment, author of about 160 scientific publications. Was included into the top lists of Israel’s best physicians by the Forbes magazine in 2019 and 2021.

Профессор Яков Шехтер

Professor Jacob Schachter, Director of the Institute for Treatment and Research of Melanoma. Developed a unique immunotherapy option for metastatic melanoma that helps cure patients with stage 4 melanoma.

Профессор Дан Грисаро

Professor Dan Grisaru – Head of Gynecologic Oncology Department. Professional experience: over 35 years. Was included into the list of Israel’s best physicians by the Forbes magazine in 2019.

Профессор Яков Бикельс

Professor Jacob Bickels, orthopedic oncologist, Head of Bone Metastasis Department. Associate professor at Tel Aviv University. Has worked at the famous medical centers of the USA.

Профессор Идо Вольф

Professor Ido Wolf, Head of Medical Oncology Department at the Ichilov Medical Center. Specializes in gastrointestinal cancers including neuroendocrine tumors. Uses the newest pancreatic cancer treatment protocol that helps increase the patients’ survival rates threefold.

How to Consult with a Top Ichilov Oncologist

  1. Call the clinic right now: +972-37621629
  2. Or fill in the form below. Our doctor will contact you within 2 hours.

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