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Skin Cancer Treatment in Israel

The Top Ichilov oncodermatology experts do not confirm skin cancer in 36% of patients from Eastern Europe who come to Israel for skin cancer treatment.

Examination for skin cancer in Top Ichilov takes 3-4 days and costs $2,987.

Surgery: electrodessication, Mohs micrographic surgery, laser surgery, sentinel node biopsy.

Non-surgical treatment methods: cryotherapy, photodynamic therapy, topical chemotherapy (with the drug Ingenol mebutate – Picato), immunomodulators (Imiquimod – Zyclara, interferon).

Radiation therapy: electron beam therapy, diffusing alpha-emitters radiation therapy – Alpha-DaRT.

Immunotherapy: PD-1 inhibitors cemiplimab-rwlc (Libtayo) and pembrolizumab (Keytruda).

Targeted therapy: drugs Vismodegib (Erivedge), sonidegib (Odomzo), panitumumab (Vectibix), erlotinib (Tarceva), EGFR inhibitor cetuximab (Erbitux).

Skin cancer treatment in Top Ichilov is provided by a team of specialists including:

  • Surgical oncologist, Professor S. Schneebaum;
  • Dermato-oncologist, Professor J. Schechter;
  • Radiation oncologist, Doctor T. Rabin.


To diagnose skin tumors, Israeli specialists perform the following procedures:

  • Dermatoscopy;
  • Diopsy


The dermatoscopy procedure involves skin examination with the help of a special device, dermatoscope. The dermatoscope helps the doctor examine skin layers that are not visible with a naked eye or with a regular magnifying glass. The Top Ichilov Clinic in Israel uses digital dermatoscopes. They help send images of the suspected skin lesion onto the screen and take photos in order to monitor any changes. Price for dermatologist’s consultation with dermatoscopy: $564.

Diagnostic of skin cancer in Israel


Biopsy is done to remove the tumor tissues for morphological analysis. This is the only study that can confirm or exclude skin cancer with 100% accuracy. If skin cancer is found out or suspected, the doctor may recommend the following types of biopsy:

  • Excisional biopsy (complete tumor removal);
  • Incisional biopsy (partial tumor removal);
  • Curettage – removal of tissue with a curette (a tool that looks like a ring or a spoon);
  • Punch biopsy – removal of tissue with a knife that looks like a 4mm tube.

Price for skin cancer biopsy: $674.

CT and PET-CT are used to evaluate potential tumor metastases.


First Day: Consultation with a Diagnostician.

The doctor examines the patient and asks questions about symptoms, health history, etc. The diagnostician comprises health history in Hebrew so other specialists can use it. The doctor also refers the patient for diagnostic procedures.

Second Day: Diagnostic Procedures.

The patient undergoes: blood tests (including tumor markers, complete blood cell count, coagulation testing, etc.) and tumor biopsy (the material is sent out for histological examination). If necessary, additional diagnostic procedures including imaging studies may be recommended.

Biopsy for skin cancer diagnostic

Third Day: Final Diagnosis.

The patient consults with a dermato-oncologist. The doctor makes the final diagnosis based on the evaluation results and orders treatment in Israel. If surgery is required, the doctors perform it the next day.

The duration of staying in Israel for complete evaluation: 3-4 working days. Price: $2,987.


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  • Vast experience in skin cancer treatment. As already mentioned, this disease is widespread in Israel. This is why Israeli doctors have accumulated huge experience in working with people who suffer from skin cancer. Israeli experts use the most effective, state-of-the-art treatments for these types of tumors.
  • Precise diagnosis. 32% of foreign patients come to Israel for skin cancer treatment with an inaccurate diagnosis. Inaccuracies may pertain to tumor staging, the assessment of its spread, or the identification of malignant cell type. Thanks to such modern, precise methods of evaluation like PET-CT in Israel, Israeli doctors make proper diagnoses.


Treatment and examination of skin cancer patients in Top Ichilov is provided by the leading Israeli oncologists:

  • Professor Jacob Schechter, the most famous Israeli oncologist who provides therapy for malignant skin lesions. Head of the institute specializing in the study and treatment of skin cancer.

  • Professor Raphael Schafir, famous Israeli dermatologist, dermato-oncologist, specialist in plastic surgery. Department Head at the Top Ichilov Hospital. Provides surgical treatment for skin cancer.

  • Doctor Irina Stefanski, oncologist, Head of Chemotherapy Department, Deputy Head of Oncology Department. Professional experience in oncology: about 27 years. One of the best Israeli specialists in complex therapy for skin cancer.

  • Doctor Ronen Alkalay, experienced dermatologic surgeon, specialist in skin cancer treatment. Performs Mohs surgery for malignant skin lesions.

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The Israeli Top Ichilov Clinic offers 5 skin cancer treatment methods:

  1. Surgical tumor removal;
  2. Mohs surgery;
  3. Radiation therapy;
  4. Topical treatment;
  5. Photodynamic therapy.

Surgical Tumor Removal

Surgery is the main treatment for early-stage malignant skin lesions. Melanoma in the earliest stage requires removal of tumor and 0.5cm of healthy tissue. If the melanoma is more than 1mm thick, it requires tumor excision and removal of 2-3cm of normal tissue to prevent recurrence. The Top Ichilov doctors also order biopsy and histological analysis of sentinel lymph nodes (the lymph nodes that are the first on the way of spreading malignant cells). This analysis helps evaluate the spread of melanoma.

Basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma requires complete tumor removal with histological analysis of the surgical margin. For low-risk tumors, doctors use cryotherapy, curettage or photodynamic therapy.

Surgery for skin cancer treatment in Israel

Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is commonly used for basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas if the tumor is located on the face, especially near eyes, nose, lips or ears. This method has an advantage: minimal removal of healthy tissues. The procedure is a layer-by-layer tumor resection with immediate microscopic tissue analysis.

Radiation Therapy

This method is used for basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas as an alternative to surgery if surgical treatment is not possible or desirable.

Topical Treatment

Precancerous lesions and superficial basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas are treated with 5-FU or imiquimod creams. These are applied directly on the affected area.

Photodynamic Therapy

This method is mostly used for tumors of the face and scalp. First, the affected area is treated with a photosensitizer that accumulates in cancer cells. Then, the doctor directs light of a specific wavelength at the tumor.

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  • Alpha DaRT treatment. Diffusing alpha-emitters radiation therapy (Alpha-DaRT) is a new brachytherapy method used for non-melanoma skin cancer. The procedure involves the use of small needles. It is done under local anesthesia and takes 30-90 minutes depending on the tumor type, size and location. According to clinical studies, this procedure has been effective for 100% of skin cancer patients. In 70% of cases, the tumor disappeared or significantly decreased in size. The experts also proved that this treatment method was safe.
  • Immunotherapy with Libtayo (cemiplimab-rwlc). The drug is prescribed for squamous cell skin cancer and has been used in Israel since 2021. It is recommended for metastatic tumors that do not respond to other treatments. Clinical trials show that Libtayo is effective in 50% of cases and makes the tumor disappear completely in some patients.

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