Ovarian Cancer Treatment in Israel

Доктор Ирина Стефански, онколог

Irina Stefanski


Head of Chemotherapy Department

Ovarian cancer treatment in Israel

In 28% of cases, Israeli doctors do not confirm the diagnosis in patients from Eastern Europe who come to Israel for ovarian cancer treatment. The duration of examination for ovarian cancer in Top Ichilov: 3-4 days. Price: $2,903.

Surgery: debulking surgery with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC).

Targeted therapy: ATR inhibitor adavosertib, angiogenesis inhibitor bevacizumab, PARP inhibitors olaparib (Lynparza), niraparib (Zejula), rucaparib (Rubraca), monoclonal antibody navicixizumab. Protocols niraparib+pembrolizumab, binimetinib+buparlisib, introduced in 2021.

Immunotherapy: vaccine DPX-Survivac, antibody-drug conjugate mirvetuximab soravtansine.

Gene therapy: ofranergene obadenovec.

Hormone therapy: LHRH agonists goserelin (Zoladex) and leuprolide (Lupron), tamoxifen, aromatase inhibitors.

Ovarian cancer treatment in Top Ichilov is provided by a multidisciplinary team of experts. It includes:

  • Oncologists: Professor M. Inbar and Doctor I. Stefanski;
  • Gynecologic oncologist: Professor D. Grisaru.


Within 3-4 days, Israeli specialists examine you, make a precise diagnosis and develop an individual treatment protocol.

Day 1: Consultation and examination by a physician and the vital stage of diagnosis: sample revision.

Meet your supervisor: Head of the Diagnostic Department, Doctor I. Molchanova. The doctor accompanies and consults you during the process of diagnosis and treatment. At the initial consultation, you can expect:

  • Consultation with the Head of the Diagnostic Department
  • Health history compilation in Hebrew
  • Examination
  • Preparation of documents in Hebrew and English
  • Explanation of procedures and tests
  • Referrals for diagnostic procedures

The samples that you’ve brought – discs, slides and paraffin blocks with tissue – are sent for revision in the laboratory of the Top Ichilov Clinic on the same day.

  • The diagnosis made in other countries is often cancelled in Top Ichilov. Israeli physicians use the tumor cell sample to determine the exact type of the growth. This is necessary for selecting precise therapy against this kind of tumor.
  • Revision of the prepared samples is less costly than another biopsy. You save your time and money by taking samples with you.

* It is necessary to bring medical documents identifying each sample.

Day 2: Visualization of affected sites, diagnosis

Ovarian cancer diagnostic in Israe

The Top Ichilov laboratory provides complex clinical, biochemical testing with state-of-the-art equipment, including:

  • Comprehensive clinical and biochemical analysis to assess blood cell levels.
  • Tumor marker CA 125 test. CA 125 is a protein produced by ovarian cancer cells.
  • PET-CT. Positron emission tomography is a 45-minute procedure that helps identify the tiniest cancerous sites in any part of the body.

Attention! PET-CT cannot be used:

  1. Within 2-2.5 weeks after treatment with chemotherapy, steroids or granulocyte colony-stimulating factors (filgrastim, pegfilgrastim).
  2. Within 5-6 weeks after radiation therapy.
  3. Within 5-6 weeks after surgery.

Day 3: Diagnosis. Individual Treatment Protocol

You receive examination results and a treatment protocol. A team of experts headed by Professor Grisaru and Professor Inbar develops the most effective treatment plan to target the disease. Your individual protocol is produced personally by Professor Moshe Inbar. You can use this protocol in any clinic of the world.

Duration of staying in Israel for complete examination: 3-4 working days. Price: $2,903.

✓ Right Now: Get your free consultation with a Top Ichilov physician

It is important to correctly determine the type of the disease before starting treatment in the country of residence. Consult an Israeli physician right now, free of charge. Find out the prices for the necessary diagnostic procedures in Top Ichilov.


In Israel, women with the high risk of ovarian cancer are offered genetic testing for BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations.

Ovarian cancer treatment i Israel
  1. Personalized treatment plan. In Israel, doctors may use not a single treatment protocol, but a combination of protocols corresponding to your medical needs.
  2. The high qualification of Top Ichilov doctors is acknowledged by the global community. Here, ovarian cancer patients are treated by the authors of multiple scientific publications and unique methods: Professor Moshe Inbar and Professor Dan Grisaru.
  3. Israeli doctors regularly exchange new treatment methods with the global community and consult their foreign colleagues in complicated cases.


Treatment and examination of ovarian cancer patients in Top Ichilov are provided by the leading Israeli oncologists:

Профессор Дан Грисаро

Professor Dan Grisaru, Head of the Department of Gynecologic Oncology. Work experience: over 35 years. Was included into the list of the best Israeli doctors in 2019 according to the “Forbes” magazine.

Профессор Моше Инбар

Professor Moshe Inbar, Head of the Department, the most experienced Israeli medical oncologist. Was Head of Israel Cancer Association and Israel Breast Cancer Group for many years. Cooperated with internationally renowned American cancer centers: MD Anderson Cancer Center and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Author of over 200 scientific publications.

Доктор Ирина Стефански

Doctor Irina Stefanski, oncologist, Head of Chemotherapy Department, Deputy Head of Oncology Department. Professional experience in oncology: about 27 years. Is considered one of the leading specialists in complex cancer therapy.

Доктор Диана Мацеевски

Professor Diana Matseevski, leading radiologist of the Ichilov Hospital. Specializes in treating cancer with radiation therapy. Treats gynecologic cancers and malignant tumors of the breast. Uses advanced methods of external radiation therapy.


Painless treatment in Top Ichilov is selected “just for you”: experts use the newest technologies and methods of personalized medicine.

Laparoscopic Surgery For Ovarian Cancer

Treatment in Top Ichilov involves painless organ-preserving procedures. Professor Dan Grisaru, one of the world’s leading specialists in gynecologic surgery, is the operating surgeon of the department.

During surgery, the doctor removes the tumor and performs a biopsy to assess the spread of cancer. If it’s clear that the cancer has spread beyond the ovaries, debulking is done. Debulking means removal of all visible tumor tissues.

Chemotherapy: Destroys Remaining Cancer Cells

Chemotherapy is prescribed after surgery to destroy the circulating cancer cells.

Chemotherapy in Israel

IP, or intraperitoneal, therapy is one of the most advanced methods of chemotherapy drug administration. It is used either in the final stage of surgery or after surgery. IP therapy involves administration of the concentrated chemotherapy drugs in the form of gas into the abdominal cavity. This is a systemic treatment method. It ensures that the medication will primarily affect the tumor.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy for ovarian cancer is rarely used in Israel but may be included into the protocol to help destroy remaining cancer cells. It is used for recurring ovarian cancer. In most cases, radiation therapy controls such symptoms as pain, but does not cure the cancer.

Targeted Therapy

Top Ichilov offers targeted therapy for some types of ovarian cancer. The drugs stop the growth of cancer cells by interacting with certain proteins and receptors in the blood vessels feeding the tumor.

Профессор Моше Инбар

The use of PARP inhibitors is one of the advanced methods of biological therapy for ovarian cancer. This therapy suppresses the enzymes that promote regeneration of cancer cells. Thus, it prevents tumor cell survival.Initially, this method was developed for patients with the BRCA gene mutation. However, clinical trials showed that it is also effective in other patients. Treatment with PARP inhibitors increased survival significantly and reduced the risk of cancer progression. Moreover, the use of PARP inhibitors helped postpone chemotherapy.

Professor Moshe Inbar

Head of Oncology Department

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy suppresses the production of hormones that promote the growth of cancer cells, or decreases their effect on the tumor. In some cases, hormone therapy is prescribed after the primary treatment.


  • The Combination of Drugs Niraparib (Zejula) and Pembrolizumab (Keytruda)

The newer PARP inhibitor niraparib was initially recommended by FDA as a treatment for breast cancer and colon cancer. The new treatment protocol has been developed for patients with recurring ovarian cancer that does not respond to platinum-based chemotherapy. In clinical trials, it showed high effectiveness in 65% patients by increasing survival more than 1.5-fold.

  • The Protocol that Includes Drugs Binimetinib (Mektovi) and Buparlisib (BKM120)

This protocol is used in ovarian cancer patients with the RAS or BRAF genetic mutation. Up until now, there have been no effective standard treatments for tumors with these mutations. The new protocol includes 2 drugs; one of them belongs to the MEK inhibitors, and the other is a PI3K inhibitor. The protocol proved its effectiveness in clinical trials and has been used in Israel since 2021.

How To Receive Ovarian Cancer Treatment In Top Ichilov

  1. Call the clinic right now: +972-37621629
  2. Or fill in the form below. Our doctor will contact you within 2 hours.

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